Lucas Hemmings AKA Hemmo

Falling for Lucas Robert Hemmings


1. Day Out!

Ellie Pov.

Rings Beth- Hey girl wanna go out for the day?

Beth- hey yeah I do need to get out this house just Split up with josh

Ellie- what why what's gone off now?

Beth- will tell you later yeah?

Ellie- okay be ready in an hour okay? Love ya

Beth- okay see you soon love ya too bye!

Ellie- bye

(Both hang up)

Beth's pov- hey so I just split with my ex bf josh he's been cheating on me for months and I just caught him at it with another girl in my bed! Fucking asshole I wanna just curl up in a ball and cry! I thought he loved me obvs not!

Ah best get ready I've got 15mins till Ellie my best friend comes and I've been sat here thinking over and over what she's done I'm so done how can I trust anyone again?

Ellie pov-

Keys phone money bag ready lets go! Hi I'm Ellie Beth's best friend we have been friends since we was like 2/3 years old we do everything together. I'm so worried about her shes not good with bad things happening to her. So I'm taking her to the zoo to see the penguins she loves them every time shes down I take her to the zoo.

I arrive at Beth's and press my horn then Beth comes out not looking like Beth jogging pants and a jumper with a penguin on she never dresses like this.

Beth's pov- hey Ellie sorry I look horrible I just can't be bothered with anything you know.. Caught josh cheating on me with another girl in my bed!! And I've kicked him out he's packing now!

Ellie's pov- what the hell the dirty bastard! I'll kill him hurting my Bestie like that! Who's the girl?

Beth's pov- ha you really wanna know who?

Ellie's pov- yeah of course because that bitch is going to pay karma is a bitch babe!

Beth's pov- mm well it's my sister but can we not talk about it I just wanna go out away from here!

Ellie's pov- what really what was she thinking! Argh I never liked her anyway! Okay let's get out of here and then we will go shopping for a new bed and shit yeah?

Beth's pov- yeah okay thank-you so much for being here for me my bestie. Can we go to the zoo?

Ellie's pov-

That's where I'm taking you babe and it's okay if you want stay at mine tonight and we will go out yeah? Also I forgot to tell you I have new neighbours and they are kinda hot to yano!

Beth's pov- yay I love you man! Best girly ever! Always know how to cheer me up! Aha really like really hot? Yeah let's go out I wasn't allowed to go out or anything now I know why I couldn't do anything!

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