wish I was her

Luke and Ava have been friends since they were 5 but what Luke doesn't know is the Ava has developed feelings for him, what happens when Ava introduces Luke to her friend Grace and they start dating? will Ava admit her feelings? will friendships by forgotten and hearts broken?


1. My bestfriend

A blinding light from my window awoke me from my sleep, of course it was Luke Hemmings shinning a flashlight from his bedroom window which faced mine. Luke and I have been best friends for just over 10 years now, we seem to do everything together, it helps that my mother and his mother happen to be close too, it means we spend all the holidays together not just in school time. But what my mom and Luke don't know is that I have the biggest crush on Luke but it doesn't matter because I'm way too average looking to actually look nice next to the amazing creation what is Luke. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by flashing light from Luke again, it was 4:30 in the morning what could he possibly want. I opened my window to Luke shout whispering over to me "come on a walk with me" he then just ran out of his house and to behind our gardens because he knew that I would go with him, I will always go with him. I put on some skinny jeans and a red flannel shirt on top of mt white vest top I already had on and rushed outside. It was still dark outside and I didn't bring any with light, "Luke?" I couldn't see him, I knew he was only playing a trick on me but I couldn't help but feel scared. I decided to just play along so I slowly made my way down to our tree where we would sit and talk. All of a sudden a tall dark figure came charging at me, grabbed me from behind and started spinning me around. I started to scream even though I knew it was Luke. We both dropped to the ground and Luke was making a shushing noise with his finger to his mouth " Ava you'll wake up our parents" I replied with "what did you expect, you attacked me in the darkness" he laughed and said " you knew it was me" I tried to frown with "well...what if I didn't know it was you and I thought some crazy serial killer was gonna rape then kill me" look lightly smiled and replied "I would save you, you know I would, you're my best friend" He didn't know that by him saying that it just made me like him even more, which is bad because we're best friends, I can't like him, but I do. *** Author notes Hi this is my first fanfic so I would love feedback or opinions, thanks to anyone who decides to read this xx
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