Supernatural life

Sequal to falling hard


3. Chapter two, the change

its 11:15 pm I'm sitting with Luke hugging him and asking questions and I'm pretty sure he is hella annoyed. "So we can still eat food, Right?" I ask "yes." Luke says "Are you suuurrreee?" "YES! ITS JUST LIKE BEFORE BUT COOLER!" He yells very annoyed. I look at the clock. 11:25 . Michael comes in. I run in and hug him. I cry a little in his arms. "I'm scared." I say shaking "You will be fine trust me." He says comforting me. I just keep hugging him till the other boys come down stairs. I look at the clock one last time as a mortal then realise how dumb this is gonna sound. "I'm a sun demigod that's now a vampire, wtf is wrong with that?" I say laughing. Then I brake down in tears. I'm doing this because I love them, don't lose sight of that Bella. Stay strong. I walk up to my room and lay on  my bed. Then the boys come in Luke goes to my wrist and Michael goes near my neck. Michael gives me his hand to hold. Luke is near my head and I'm looking right at him because I have my wrist next to my head and my head turned to the right. I see his fangs pop out and he whispers I love you. Then I feel pain in both my wrist and neck. I hiss in pain and squeeze Michaels hand. That's the last thing I remember before I pass out.

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