Supernatural life

Sequal to falling hard


5. Chapter three: WTF

I wake up in my room surrounded by sleeping idiots. I know this is serious but, who cares?! I run to the bath room and fill a bucket with water and dump it on all of them. "AGHHHHH" they all scream and jump up. I run out of the room. Huh? I don't have super speed. Weird. I run to the back yard and trip on a branch. I cut my knee and I start bleeding really bad. "OWWWWW!" I yell. The boys come running out angry but when they see me crying they stop. Michael runs over first. "Bella?" He says. He starts sniffing the air. "Bella ur bleeding?" He looks. "Your not a vampire yet." He says. "Luke we need ur help." He says. Luke walks over to me. "It's because she has a strong heart, it's not gonna go down with out a fight," he states."there is also a chance that she could turn to a wolf if she was bit also.Bella,"he says holding my hand." You are very special."

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