Supernatural life

Sequal to falling hard


2. chapter one, the new life

I walk back up stairs to see Luke and mike have left. I hear crashing from Luke's room and I go to investigate. "She's my sole mate mike!" " BUT I LOVE HER LUKE" *crash, bang, smash* "SHE WILL CHOOSE THEN, THE FIRST TO MARK HER, Is THe one she STayS WiTH!"Luke yells calming down. "Fine" mike says and walks to the door. I run really fast to my room. Mike walls in "hey Bella." He goes to kiss my neck."no mikey." I say and walk out. He looks confused. I leave to go to the park without anyone noticing.

*at park*

When I'm there I climb my favorited tree . I like to sit there and watch people. It's not weird but I just like to observe people. Then I see Luke run in "Bella are u here?" He says. Stay quiet Bella, blend in. Then Luke looks straight at me eyes narrow.he climbs the tree and sits right next to me. "I can hear your thoughts. And I am not gonna hurt you, I never would unless I had to save u." Don't think about before, don't let him know you know. " Luke, um uh." "You know about before don't you " he says. I nod " so I'm your soul mate?" I ask . He nods, "I have been waiting for you to realize this for soooooooooooooo long.Bella I don't want to make you choose its just that I can't pass on with out you." He says. I look into his eyes. "L-Luke" I say. Then me and him start to kiss. He brings me out of the tree. "Luke we need to go home I need to announce some thing." He nods and super speeds me to the house. He puts me down and calls every one to the room. "I HAVE DECIDED THAT I WILL LET MY SELF BE "MARKED" BY ONE BUT THAT ONE CAN BE TWO, AS IN um ah maybe... Muke?" I say Luke and Michael both look at me then to each other they nod and look back. "So it's settled." I say "tonight we will mark you at 11:30 pm in your room, just hold onto our hands and squeeze if it hurts." I nod and look at the clock 10:30.

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