Supernatural life

Sequal to falling hard


6. Chapter 4- how?

"What do you mean special, Luke? I wait what I don't understand- what!?" I say pacing around. "Bella don't worry you will know soon trust us, we love you and would never hurt u. Bells we need you in our lives." Cal says. "You guys are the best." I say hugging them all. We all decide to watch you tube videos, like markiplier and Dan and Phil. After awhile I fall asleep on Cals chest. He is my pillow. And he is very comfy. While I'm dreaming I feel a difference in my body. I wake up and cling on to calum. I feel my teeth and little fangs are growing. "CAL LOOK!" I yell and show him my teeth . "Woah Bella that's so cool."he says and hugs me

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