1. Bullied

 Everyone says, Im a hate im a fake im a killer

 They say im not good enough, but i say

i am who i am 

i am me

im bidding my time to show you 

I. Will. Not. Be. pushed around

I. Will. Not. Be. on the ground

You will not stop me 

My reign will be supreme

No one will abuse me ever again

No one will say that im not good enough

I am who i am 

i am me

ive been mocked and cut and hit

now its my turn to shine 

I will be free once again

and i will fly so high, never to be seen again

Ill bring the world to its knees 

bowing down wont hear your pleas 

i will return again

my reign will reign supreme

i was who i was

i was me

You made me a monster from hell

you desecrated my will

my hopes,my dreams

you've destroyed me 

forevermore down in this hateful world

i curse you to HELL

I was who i was 

i was me

You've killed me












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