Cool For The Summer

Mackenzie Hollister decides to celebrate the last day of school by going to clubs with her friends. What happens when her celebrity crushes are there.........


1. Last Day Of School

Mackenzie P.O.V

I woke up to my asshole brother shaking me while screaming in my ear. "IT'S THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL KENZIE, WAKE UP" I got so annoyed I punched him. He ran out of my room. I got up and got dressed, I wanted to look REAL good for the last day so, I put on a mint green crop top that showed my belly button piercing, shorts that stopped at the curve off my butt, a mint green bow, and some mint green vans.

For hair and makeup I curled the tips of my hair and then I put it into a high pony tail. Then I put on some powder, blush, eyeliner, mascara, and some red lipstick.

I sneaked downstairs so my parents wouldn't see my outfit. I texted my friend Calum to come pick me up. When he got there I grabbed a breakfast bar, grabbed my backpack and phone, and got in his car.

"Hey Calum"

"Hey Kenzie or should I say slut-Kenzie"

I punched him in his arm and laughed

"Oww" he screeched while giggling.

"Just take me to school"

"Sure thing princess"

*skips ride*

When we got to school all the guys where checking me out. Some even got boners for me ! It was hilarious. As I start walking to class I feel a hand grab my right ass cheek. I quickly turn around and see the biggest fuck face of the school, Luke Hemmings .

"What the fuck hemmings"

"You look very sexy today" he says in a deep tone. He then attemps to finger me. So I slap him across his face, and run off.

*skips the rest of school*

When I get home I sneak up to my room and change into something "appropriate" The rest of the night I just play on my phone. I then fall into a deep sleep thinking about pizza..........


Hey it's the author ! Hope you guys like the story. More chapters to come soon !

Byee !

- maybabykay

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