The School of the Outcasts

When all the outcast students of schools around the world are sent to one place to learn what will happen? Welcome to Duchannes school for those who excel in fine arts. This boarding school has also been the home of student Blake Johnson for several years now and things get a bit stirred up for her when four new kids arrive at Duchannes....


13. When hell freezes over

Blake's POV 

Ashton, Calum, and I all sat in the plastic covered dorm as Michael spray painted a scene of San Francisco on the exposed brick wall. It was nice to have all of them around and for it to be so peaceful. The door then swung open and violently slammed closed. Serena walked in a huffed and plopped down beside me at the counter on a barstool. She ripped off her glasses to reveal her brilliant, light green eyes, much like Michael's. 
"I'm done with boys." She growled. "I'm sick of this fucked up society we live in. I'm sick of feeling like I have to look a certain way. I'm sick of living in the screwed up world."
"What happened?" I questioned. 
"She got shut down by Luke." Michael said with his back to us. He wore a black hoodie and black jeans, so we couldn't see his red hair or cocky smirk we knew he was wearing. We could see the spray paint on his hands and the beautiful work on the wall, but that was it.
"Oh shut up Clifford." Serena growled. 
"You asked Luke out?" I questioned and raised an eyebrow.
"I asked him if he wanted to hang out some time and he laughed." 
"How did you know?" I asked Michael. 
"He's my roommate, Blake." He chuckled.
"Well I don't think it's very funny." I said and turned back to Serena. "Why did you ask him out?" 
"Because he really isn't that bad once you get to know him and he's cute."
"All the girls want Luke, Serena. You'll just have to wait in line." Michael said more seriously this time.
"It's so fucked up! Society has damned us all! It's made girls believe we must be reliant on guys and it's screwed up! Why can't I be happy alone? Why can't I kick some ass without worrying about if a boy would approve? I'm done with it all!" She screamed.
"Are you ok?" I questioned.
"Better than okay!" She hastily responded. The door then creaked open slowly and a slightly nervous Luke tiptoed in. Michael didn't even have to look back to know it was his best friend. He just simply reached his arm back and raised his middle finger with a tiny 'x' on it. 
"To you, Luke Hemmings, the man with no balls and commitment issues." Serena rolled her eyes and put her glasses back on. Calum looked up from his notepad and Ashton put his camera down.
"He can't help it." Calum said quietly. "It's just who he is." 
"I bet..." Ashton began. "You haven't gone on more than two dates with the same girl since Alecia." 
"I have- not." Luke said in almost a confused tone. "I haven't... Have I?" 
"Not that I've noticed." Michael muttered. 
"Blake, are you doing anything tonight?" Luke said in a challenging tone. 
"No, and I'd rather hang out with-" 
"Michael or Calum, because if you keep them together they will fight." Luke smirked. 
"I was going to say Serena you douche." 
"Serena, will you-" 
"When hell freezes over." She snarled. Michael then finished and began uncovering the furniture and washed up. The mural was beautiful. Since he was now finished, he and Ash left, but Calum stayed behind. 
"Um would you be willing to come over when the boys are around a watch a movie?" 
"What movie?" I raised an eyebrow and smiled.
"Star Wars, any one you pick." He grinned. 
"Sure." I gave him a hug and he then left. 
"LAZY NIGHT!" Serena yelled and ran into the room wearing a sports bra and sweatpants. 
"Alright!" I laughed. "Just make some popcorn!" 

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