The School of the Outcasts

When all the outcast students of schools around the world are sent to one place to learn what will happen? Welcome to Duchannes school for those who excel in fine arts. This boarding school has also been the home of student Blake Johnson for several years now and things get a bit stirred up for her when four new kids arrive at Duchannes....


3. just on paper

Blake’s POV

The rest of that day was super stressful for me. Serena and I ended up being roommates. Her side of the room was dark and edgy and mine was bright white. Serena blared angry music and I silently sat on my bed. We got to know each other, and I began to like her more and more. The first few weeks was me adjusting to the crazy new classes like acting, creative writing, and vocal lessons. I preferred visual arts class personally, but that was the reason I was here. The days became weeks. The weeks became months. The months became years. Here I am four years later talking to you about the real reason why I am talking to you. It was all last year really. It was when the uncomfortable became even more uncomfortable. 
It was a sunny day here in Los Angeles, and I was beginning my fourth year here at Duchannes. I was finally getting used to this boarding school. Of course, being the awkward turtle I am, I will probably always not be 100% used to it all. Serena and I were sitting in our writing class and chatting since we had a study hall, and honestly, you don’t really have classes to study for, except minimal math. Serena laughed and tossed back her straight red-brown hair, revealing her kiss tanktop. 
“I don’t get it. We have been at this school for three years now and you can barely speak in front of anyone but me.”
“Sh! Don’t let anyone know that!” I joked and picked at my curly blonde hair.
“Trust me, girl, they know!” I doodled in my little sketchpad and giggled.
“Hey, Blake, I was wondering if we could grab a coffee sometime?” The guy beside me tapped my shoulder. I think his name was Austin or something like that. 
“Erm- I… Yeah?” I stuttered. “Sounds great!” I finally put together coherent words and he smiled, seemingly pleased with himself. He was attractive. He had blonde, tousled hair and beautiful green eyes, but I can barely speak to anyone unless I am performing.
“Alright, here’s my number. Text me when you’re free.” I looked around the room at the class. It’s amazing how everyone looks so different, but can all be here for one thing. Fine arts. From the kids in the back with tattoos and piercings and fringes to the guys and girls like Austin who are athletic-looking and chiseled. 
“I will.” I smiled and took the slip of paper. 
“Did you hear new guys are coming?” Serena giggled. Wait, Serena doesn’t giggled. She just kinda smirked and propped her feet up on the desk. That is pretty much giggling for her unless she is drunk.
“New guys?” 
“Yeah new guys. Four of them. Don’t you hear gossip?”
“I only talk to you, Serena.”
“Fair enough. Anyways, it’s apparently four guys the headmaster dug up from Australia. Do you realize how sexy Australian accents are?”
“Yeah, sure. I haven’t really noticed considering I can’t speak!” 
“But there’s four of them you said?”
“Yeah apparently they all have been applying to this school for months an-” She was cut off by the door swinging open. A tall blonde struts in with a lip ring. He’s probably going to sit in the back with the others. He wore clothes similar to the ones in my wardrobe. He glanced around the room attempting to find where to sit in the vast classroom. He motioned as if he was bringing in others. My hunch was correct. Two more walked in. One with curly brown hair and a camera around his neck and one with black hair, tattoos, piercings and arms covered in paint. Actually, they were stained with spraypaint. 
“I assume you are the new transfers?” The teacher, Mr. Leonardo groaned (yes just like the famous inventor/artist. Ha ha. How ironic. Leonardo the teacher at a fine arts school. Never heard that before). 
“Yessir.” The curly-haired one spoke first. Australian accent. Wait, didn’t Serena say there was four?
“Calum, get your ass in here. No one is even paying attention.” The spray painter yelled. He was right. Serena and I were the only ones watching as the rest of the class droned on with conversations.
“Serena Green! Feet off the desk! I have told only one thousand times before!” Mr. Leonardo snapped. Serena rolled her eyes (I assume. I can’t ever tell because she always wears sunglasses outside of the room.) and dragged her feet off the tabletop. At that a dark haired boy waddled in shyly. He had tattoos all up and down his left arm, but he had a beaming smile on his face. It was a strange combination. The tattoos, the awkward entrance and the smile that is. All the boys seemed quite similar in style and personality.
“So which of you is… Michael G. Clifford?” Mr. Leonardo asked.
“Me.” The black haired one answered. His slightly waved his hand. 
“Um, and Ashton F. Irwin?” 
“Present, sir.” Wow, a teacher’s pet. The curly brunette nodded.
“Lucas R. Hemmings?” 
“Sorry we left him in Australia.” The blonde one laughed.
“I don’t appreciate your sarcasm, Mr. Hemmings.” Mr. Leo raised his eyebrows.
“Hey, it’s Sir Hemmings to you!” He laughed and sat on a desk in the front a student was sitting at. This guy is going to be a blast. Mr. Leo shook his head.
“You must be Calum T. Hood.” He said to the olive-skinned, dark-haired boy.
“Um, yeah.”
“Welcome, boys. I’ll assign you some people to tour you around the school.”
“We’ll do it!” Serena desperately flailed her arms. Did I mention she is a bit boy crazy?
“Eager are we, Ms. Green? Okay. You and Ms. Johnson can tour these four around campus for the rest of the day. I’ll send out an email alerting the rest of the staff. You six are dismissed.”
“Yay!” Serena grabbed my arm and ripped me from my seat. I barely had enough time to grab my backpack and sketchpad. She finally stopped sprinting once we reached the door.
“So you two are showing us around? I could get used to this.” Lucas wrapped his arms around us. Great, a fuckboy. He smirked and I shook him off. Serena leaned into him. 
“What’s your names?” Ashton asked.
“Serena Green!” 
“And yours?” Michael asked me.
“Um… Blake.” I sheepishly answered. “Spraypaint?” 
“How did you know? Wow you must be into the visual arts as well!”
“BORING!” Luke yelled.
“Forget him. He’s a man-whore anyways.”
“I’m into sketching and design. I don’t work with spraypaint much.”
“Woah. That’s the first real sentence you have ever put together in front of a guy, Blake.” Serena laughed. “So what are you guys here for anyways.”
“Well, I’m a singer and guitarist.” Lucas proudly stated.
“I’m into graffiti and visual arts.” Michael smiled.
“I’m a photographer.” Ashton stated.
“I’m a writer. You know. Like creative writing. Fiction writing.” Calum quietly mumbled. All the boys turned in shock. 
“Calum, you just spoke in front of people other than the group.” Ashton looked in awe.
“Yeah?” Calum asked confused. 
“You never speak.” Luke added.
“I do. Just on paper.”
“Whatever.” Michael rolled his eyes.
“Let’s get this tour started!” Serena chirped and we began to walk down the empty hallway.

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