The School of the Outcasts

When all the outcast students of schools around the world are sent to one place to learn what will happen? Welcome to Duchannes school for those who excel in fine arts. This boarding school has also been the home of student Blake Johnson for several years now and things get a bit stirred up for her when four new kids arrive at Duchannes....


12. Confused

Blake's POV

"So you and Michael went on a date you only hear about in the movies?" Serena smirked and leaned back, impressed.
"Um... No. We just walked around downtown until we had to leave." 
"Are you sure? Because Michael said you guys were spray painting buildings, and he doesn't let anyone tag along on his projects like that."
"Well, I mean- well- um." I stuttered and backed down. We were in writing and Calum was excitingly scribbling down everything. It seems like he finds inspiration from everything. The bell then rang and he attempted to shove his notepad into his backpack. I fell to the ground, but he was already gone. I picked it up and walked to my next class, math. I sat down in my seat next to Ashton and smiled. He grinned his simply smile and pulled out his math books.
"So class, we are taking a study hall today since we had a test yesterday. Relax. Study for other classes. Sleep. I don't care. We will continue with our lesson tomorrow."
Calum sat across the classroom from me, but I was slightly curious about this mysterious journal. I flipped through it. I had a few amazing sketches, but then I reached the end pages. It was a detail sketch of me, signed MC. There was another one that wasn't as detailed but still really good, and it was signed CH. I didn't know Calum could draw. I read the scribbled words around the two doodles. 
When reality should have run her through the ground, her pretty little head kept her in the clouds. 

A sparkling smile and golden curls create an angel on earth. 

Hope is a four letter word that coincides with love. Both I feel around her. Her and her perfection. 

I snapped the spiral close. I didn't know about all this. He was so quiet.
"What's got you rattled?" A voice whispered beside me. Australian accented.
"I'm sorry Cal-" I turned to see Ashton. 
"Calum? No I'm Ashton, love." He smiled. "Is that Cal's?" I nodded. "What's he writing about?" 
"I shouldn't tell. I need to return it though." 
"Is it about you?"
"Um- no. It's just private."
"I don't know, love. Michael and Calum seem to be going head-to-head for you. Well, Michaels kind of loud about it, and Calum kinda writes and talks in an indoor voice rationally. Cal kinda is completely logical, while Mikey is pure passion."
"What's wrong with passion?" I said kind of defensively. 
"Oh, nothing at all. He just gets bored easily, ya know?" He smiled sweetly and snapped a picture. "Your eyes light up when you are in love." 
"Love? Who said I was in love?"
"You seem like you kind of love both Calum and Mikey. In the same way they love you."
"Love is a strong word."
"I know, but you will see. They always do." 
"What do you mean?"
"Well, Luke was in love once, too. Her name was Aleisha. He didn't believe me when I told him when they started dating. He got his heart broken."
"Yeah. Now go return his love notes to you."
"Okay." I sighed and stood. I straightened my black leather skirt and tugged on the edge of my gray twenty one pilots tee. I wore black tights and red doc martens. My hair was braided. I wish I was dressed nicer. I wish I wasn't so awkward. I wish I could be someone other than who I am in this moment. 
"Hey, Cal. Here's your notebook. You dropped it in writing." 
"Thanks for returning. Did you read?" 
"Um-" You could lie now Blake. "Yeah. I didn't know-"
"I have desperately fallen for you?" He laughed lightly. "Isn't it weird how all stories work like that? Someone always falls in love with the protagonist."
"What makes me the protagonist?" I pulled up a chair beside him.
"You are much too pretty to be anyone else in the book." 
"Maybe it's a movie."
"Please, Blake, everyone knows the books are always better."
"But then our story could easily be rewritten, and I don't want it to change."
"Well, movie scenes are always reshot. Scenes can be deleted. Everything can change at some point in time at any moment, but we have be perfect on the first take or the rough draft, so we don't regret what we have done when it does change." 
"You know what people at our old schools would say?"
"You are nerds. You're weird." Calum said in a taunting tone. 
"Hey everybody!" Ashton squad as he walked up. "Now that you both know that you are in love with each other, can we just talk about no serious shit? Because it seems like everything we do now is some sort of serious thing."
"Sure." I laughed. 
"So dogs are cute." Calum said. 
"Calum, for the last time you can't have a dog!" Ashton laughed.
"Aw." Calum whimpered and we continued our friendly chatter. The bell soon rang and I left for my next class which was also with Cal. We had English, which was pretty much just reading a book most everyone had already read. I know it doesn't seem like we ever do much in real classes, but we do. We just are not as intense as regular schools. Michael was in this class. We kissed. Did anyone know? I don't know. I just am confused. Confused why Ashton's view of the world is so clear. Confused why Calum has good reasons to love me. Confused why Michael would kiss me. Confused why Serena doesn't know. Confused how I fell for Calum just by reading words. Confused why I, Blake Johnson, was having drama in her life. Actual boy drama. Why did I struggle so much with people liking me? Because no one ever has. I'm shy because no one ever talked to me, so I didn't talk to them. Now Ashton says two boys love me. Love is so strong. How could they already love me? It hasn't been very long. What do I do? I fall back in love in return, obviously. That's the only way you learn, by making mistakes and experiencing heartbreak. 

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