The School of the Outcasts

When all the outcast students of schools around the world are sent to one place to learn what will happen? Welcome to Duchannes school for those who excel in fine arts. This boarding school has also been the home of student Blake Johnson for several years now and things get a bit stirred up for her when four new kids arrive at Duchannes....


10. Colors

Blake's POV

Welcome back on your second day of touring! So glad you are all sill here! I'm so sorry to have Luke leave you in such short notice, but I'm with you guys for the next two classes. 

I was in vocals class when Luke strode up to me.
"We need to talk." He said with concern in his eyes.
"Mr. Hemmings, unless you are singing, I don't want to hear you." The teacher snapped.
"Yeeees siiiiir!" He sang sarcastically in his beautiful voice.
"I can't. Writing a song." I cut him short. I didn't want to talk about last night. I just wanted I forget it all. Why can't anyone understand that?
"Then tonight?" 
"I've got a museum thing. You should know, your roommate is going too." 
"Oh." He said in a disappointed tone.
"Sorry." I squeaked. I was starting to get shy around the guys. I don't know why, but they made me fidgety and nervous. I wrote a few lyrics. But I had no tune.

Cause you're 
out of this world
Out of my mind
What's the point in a thing that can't shine 

What's the point of it all
Left out
Left behind
I'm just an outcast
So don't bother trying

I was hoping this would be good enough to get an A so I could get recommended for Disney next year, but who knows. Unless I keep all A's the school doesn't send out recognition letters to companies you wish to work with. So lots of pressure.
"Your song is depressing." Luke groaned. 
"But if it's upbeat in sound, people won't notice."
"I will know!"
"Who cares if you do?" I heard a click and saw a flash. "Ashton?" He was standing at the door, beaming. 
"Seniors have early dismissal today. Something about a group of guys trashing the campus and having to clean up. Turns out the group was so big they told all the seniors to take the day off."
"Trashing the campus? Oh the..."
I choked. "Party."
"That's what I figured." He turned to me and whispered. "If you need anything, we don't even have to talk about it. I'll be there for you, whether it's for an emotion breakdown or and ice cream break." I giggled. 
"Thanks. I have to go get ready though for the museum exhibition with Michael."
"A date?" Ashton questioned.
"No. Neither of you ever talk to your friends, do you?" They shook their head with a grin. "It's for school." They nodded and I ran to my room. I called Michael.
"Hello?" It's wasn't Michael's voice, but Calum's.
"Oh, hey Calum! Thanks for helping my out the other night." I stuttered. "Where's Michael?" I asked guiltily. 
"Right here." He handed the phone over.
"Hello?" Michaels voice questioned through the phone.
"What colors are you wearing?"
"Black." That's all he said and hung up. Okay so I'm good to go with clothes not to wear then. I showered and more memories returned. I changed and more memories flooded back. Will I ever forget about this night?

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