The School of the Outcasts

When all the outcast students of schools around the world are sent to one place to learn what will happen? Welcome to Duchannes school for those who excel in fine arts. This boarding school has also been the home of student Blake Johnson for several years now and things get a bit stirred up for her when four new kids arrive at Duchannes....


16. Blurred

Blake's POV

"Boo!" We yelled at the tv when the protagonists shared their first kiss. Serena threw popcorn and laughed. 
"I'm glad we did this." As
I had my feet propped up on the coffee table and wore sweats and a panic! At the disco muscle tank. 
"Me too!" Serena chuckled. That's when we heard a knock at the door. I jogged to get it. 
"Michael?" I questioned as the door swung open.
"Can I borrow Blake from you, Serena?"
"Eh, what the hell! You two love birds go on!" She laughed.  Michael tugged me outside and we were nose-to-nose. 
"I'm not dressed for a night out." I laughed.
"We are just going to drive." He pulled me to a jeep downstairs and jumped in. "I rented it, no worries." 
He read my mind.
"Where are we going?"
"Just driving."
"What for?"
"Fun. You ask too many questions." He began to drive around and we talked. The night blurred into one shining moment- I don't remember most of it until a certain topic was brought up. "What do you see in him?"
"Oh- uhm- well- he's a lot like my brother I guess. He's like a rock: safe and comforting."
"Oh." Michael said with a slightly sad slightly angry voice. 
"But you're different. I like you too. You are the wild streak in my life that I need."
"Alright then. There's something I need to tell you that I actually brought you here for-"
"MICHAEL LOOK OUT!" We were blinded by the headlights of the car driving in the wrong lane. Michael swerved so I was further away and the impact overwhelmed us. "Are you okay? Michael?" I shakily whispered in tears. I then reached for my phone and screamed in agony. I ripped it from my waistband and the searing pain in my arm and head were starting to cause stars. 
"9-1-1, what's your emergency?" The operator said pleasantly.
"There's been a crash. Head on collision. My names Blake Johnson, I'm in the passenger's seat. Michael Clifford is the driver. You have to help."
"Ma'am, what's the address?"
"I don't know, but hurry! I think Michael is dead..." I trailed off as my world faded to black.


I woke up to the monotoned beeping of a heart monitor and and IV dripping into my system. All I could do was moan.
"Blake? You're awake?" I hear an Australian accented voice.
"Awake?" I asked
"Oh my god! Blake you are awake!" I hear tears in the voice.
"Michael? How's Michael? Where's Michael?" I began to scan to room to find who it was that was speaking to me. I see the blond boy in the corner with dark circles beneath his eyes and severely crumpled clothes.
"He's... He's not doing so hot. He's alive. That's all that matters now."
"I hope everyone isn't here. They have other more important things to do."
"No we don't. It's me, Serena, Calum, Ash, and your brother. Your parents went home a couple days ago."
"My brother? Parents? How long-" I began to ask, but then Calum burst into the room.
"Luke! Michael is going into emergency surgery! Brain swelling again... You need to go! Blake oh my god you're awake! Oh my god..." He looked at me with his kind eyes and have a true smile. His eyes and clothes matched Luke's however. He was exhausted. 
"Go to Michael." I managed to mutter. 
"I'm staying." Calum said.
"I'm going to Mikey- catch her up." Luke said sternly and began to chase down a gurney being zipped down the hall outside. 
"Michael!" I sat up quickly and the room began to spin.
"Woah, woah, woah. Take it easy." Calum caught me and laid me down.
"What's the story? The whole story." I pleaded.
"The police officers tracked your phone to the source since you left it on. You and Michael were sent to the hospital immediately. You had a bad gash on your face and your arm was majorly swollen, but the doctors weren't nearly as worried with you as they were Mikey. His leg was shattered and he was torn up completely. You almost couldn't recognize him. He went immediately went into surgery and you got a few tests done. The police called all the favorites in your phone and we all got calls- even Michael- wh-whose phone was left with Luke at the dorms. We rushed here and you were stable. The doctor predicted you would be awake in two days max. We all gathered here for two days straight. None of us left unless we were checking in Michael. They weren't expecting him to live. He died about three times already. He's been in eight major surgeries in the past-" he stopped and looked at me.
"How long, Calum?"
"A month. You two have been gone for a month."
"Oh my god."
"When you didn't wake up that second day we couldn't move or breathe. We thought the doctors were wrong about everything and that we would lose both of you. I couldn't live if the two of you died. Blake..."
"The other driver?" I interrupted.
"It was just one guy. Drunk driver. He broke both his wrists and got a minor concussion. He was released from the hospital in about a week. A trial will be held when you and Michael are completely stable... One way or another. But that wasn't the point. Blake I'm in love with you and I cannot lose you. My breath was gone when I found out. My heart stopped. I don't know what you've done to me, but I need you." He took my hand and pulled up a chair beside me. 
"Prove it."
"Michael and I were talking about you before the crash. He said he needed to tell me something but then... It happened. I can't afford not knowing who I want to be with, not anymore." 
"Shh." Calum said and softly pressed his lips against mine. I couldn't describe it. I would
Just call it... Confusing. I missed Michael. I needed my brother. I wanted to talk to Ash and Serena. It was overwhelming. 
"Get away from my sister." Said a calm, but still slightly pissed off voice. "I'm so sorry that I wasn't here to be the first to greet you.. It was right when I took my lunch break." He half smirked. Calum crept out of the room. "You- I'll speak to you later." He addressed Cal.
"Hello Jimmy." I smiled. He returned a weak one.
"Don't scare me like ever again Blakey-Poo. You are living in Hollywood remember? Druggies everywhere."
"Oh James hush up!"
"Mom and dad had a business meeting in New York. I'm pretty sure they had given up on you."
"Not surprised." I sighed. "I don't wanna be here." 
"No one wants you to be, and your little friend, Michael? You liked him a lot didn't you?"
"He's dead?"
"No, no, no! He is going into surgery now. You waking up has given us hope." 
"Excuse me, Miss Johnson? I need to run a few tests on you and then you can continue conversing with your brother here." A sweet nurse said as she scuttled in. "Yes. So we have a major concussion and ten stitches in the head. Also a major break in the left arm. Hopefully we can get you and your friend released soon." 

Three days later and I was getting around the hospital just fine. Michael was stable. They let me visit. He had so many scars and a bandage around his head, but he looked at peace. I sat shakily beside him and took his hand in my own. 
"Michael, I know you can't hear me because, well I've been here." I began talking. "I just wanted to say something incase you... Well you know. Thank you. Thank you for making me feel like I was worth something in the world. Thank you for making me live life a bit fuller. I use my hands for two things: making art and covering the face no one ever wants to see. Thanks to you, I've been hiding less, and making more art. You make me want to travel the world and paint on everything. You are an inspiration. That's why I need you here. You can't go because I will stop living the way I'm supposed to and we can't let that happen. Michael... Please live. For me. Because if you die... The person you know me as dies too." I was crying at this point. I had to leave him. I began to shuffle out of the room when I hear the monotoned beeping picking up its pace. It became rapid a Michael flailed in the hospital bed uncontrollably. Then he flatlined and became very still. I desperately called for a nurse. A doctor. Anyone. Then I was shoved out of the room by a multitude of medical experts. All I could do was watch from a window and Michael jolted up into the air and they sent electrical currents through his system. They were attempting to revive him. 
"Four." Ashton muttered behind me. 
"He'll be fine. He will fight." I couldn't see from my eyes being full of tears. I buried my head into the crook of Ash's neck. I began to sob until I heard the sound I began to love and hate. The beeping. The beeping that meant he was stable. The beeping that meant he was alive. "Oh my god! He's alive! He's back." I fully embraced Ashton. Then I noticed something a bit off. "Where's your camera?" 
"Haven't been taking very many pictures this past month." He solemnly said. 
"Ashie, this is when you should be taking the most pictures. Tell the other people's stories."
"Ehem." My nurse, Jackie, cleared her throat. "Miss Johnson I believe we can release you tomorrow. You will need to go back to your regular life. It's the only way to get you fully healthy again at this point. Congratulations. We will set up monthly appointments for that cast and those stitches, but that's about it." She smiled and walked away.
"But I don't want to leave Michael here alone." I whispered but no one heard. No one ever did.


Another week. Michael died once more, but luckily he survived the death again. I was back at the dorm. People thought that I had gotten into drugs or something at this point. I screamed at Austin for telling the class Michael was a gang leader and got at the wrong end of a gang fight. No one understood. I felt completely alone. Luke drove to the site where it happened. The rode was healing as steadily and I was. I was scarred, but the grass was growing back green. You could still see the damage though. Even a month later. I couldn't move once I set down at the side of the rode. It just couldn't be real. I couldn't make myself believe that Michael could actually die. I couldn't believe I had been what I had been through all in one year. I just sat there as the weather reflected what I wanted to do. It just poured rain. Luke sat beside me and put his jacket over my shoulders. We just sat and watched the traffic. We just soaked it the fact that nothing was the same. 

(This chapter is dedicated to Maddie kruse and Racheal lynch. They were two beautiful girls at my school that were killed in a drunk driving accident. Maddie was a good friend of mine who made me feels accepted when no one else did. I love you Maddie- we miss you.) 

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