The School of the Outcasts

When all the outcast students of schools around the world are sent to one place to learn what will happen? Welcome to Duchannes school for those who excel in fine arts. This boarding school has also been the home of student Blake Johnson for several years now and things get a bit stirred up for her when four new kids arrive at Duchannes....


9. band class

Luke’s POV


“AGH!” She woke me up screaming, absolutely terrified. She was sweating with her eyes wide open like a deer caught in headlights. “Get out!” She screamed at me. “Why didn’t you tell me we weren’t together!”

“Sh.” I tried to sooth her. I stroked her hair and tried to explain. “You had been through a lt. I didn’t want to cause you any more stress.”

“Leave me alone!” She cried.

“No! I know you kissed me. I know everything you said to me before you passed out.”

“What? No! You were unconscious.”

“No I wasn’t.”

“I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have done that!” She leaned into me and continued her sobbing.

“I’m going to go.” I stood up and changed into my clothes from last night. I left my shoes off and went barefoot to the dorm. I found myself walking across campus at three in the morning. I lumbered into the apartment-style dorm I shared with Michael and didn’t even bother changing. I was exhausted. I then passed out on my bed.





I woke up with a groan.

“What the hell Michael, turn off your fucking alarm!”

“We have school!” I rolled out of my bed onto the floor. I began the day with band. That class I had with Serena. Great. I put on black skinny jeans, black converse, and a grey nirvana tee. I didn’t want to bother with my hair, so I put on a snapback. “Bro, what do I say to her? Se has been through so much.”

“I’d be surprised if she showed up today, honestly.”

“Oh. I kinda like her.”

“Yeah, she’s kinda hot.”

“No I mean like, I want to ask her on a date.”

“Not the time, Mikey. And people call me a fuckboy.”

“You are one.”

“I know.” I chuckled. We then went our separate ways. I then found myself tuning my acoustic guitar with Serena by my side. She just glared at me. “What?”

“Oh, don’t act all innocent. You tried to sleep with my best friend!”

“What? No I didn’t! Where the hell did you hear that?”

“You went into her bedroom last night, stayed, and I heard her screaming at you this morning!”

“Did you actually talk to her?”

“Well, no.” She guiltily looked down.

“Then don’t assume.” I snapped.

“You know I used to think you were cute.”

“Then what happened?” I smirked. Serena was hot. There was no contradicting that fact. I wanted her to be my next bed buddy, but I had no shot.

“Then you opened your mouth and words came out of it.” She laughed and turned back to her pastel blue electric guitar. She had written song lyrics on it.

it’s not always rainbows and butterflies, it’s compromise

“Maroon 5?” I asked.

“Yeah. I wrote this years ago, though. I’m over them. I want to mark it out and write some All Time Low stuff on it.”

“I prefer Good Charlotte.”

“Fair enough.”

“What color are you eyes. You wear those goddamn sunglasses all the time.”

“None of your business.” She began strumming an original song. I couldn’t tell what it was at least. I tried to do the same and she stopped and looked at me. “Write your own stuff, rookie.”

“Maybe I’ll just play ‘She Will Be Loved.’”

“Go for it.” And i did. To my surprise, she began singing.

“Beauty queen of only eighteen. She was having trouble with herself.” I then abruptly stopped. “What?” She asked.

“Oh, well, the last time I played this song it was with my ex.”

“You mean you dated?”


“Sorry, you don’t seem like someone who does that.”

“I’m not, anymore.”


*bell rings*


What the hell was that? Oh right, the bell. I’ve got to run, but Blake will cover the next little bit. I think. I’ll see you freshies later.


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