The School of the Outcasts

When all the outcast students of schools around the world are sent to one place to learn what will happen? Welcome to Duchannes school for those who excel in fine arts. This boarding school has also been the home of student Blake Johnson for several years now and things get a bit stirred up for her when four new kids arrive at Duchannes....


17. A bit more complicated


Michaels POV

"So I'm supposed to tell you the story now? Well, my story. Well, shit I don't remember much. I was in a coma. Dear god I hated that fucking hospital. I just remember a couple things from them but most of it I've ... Uh... Forgotten! Yeah that's the word! Sorry, side effect."


She was crying why was she crying I was perfectly fine!
"I'm right here!" I yelled. She was crying because I was dead! I'm not though! She said such beautiful words about how I made her better! How could we not be together now? "Blake! Listen! Why can't you hear me?" I looked to my left. What the fuck? That was me! Why was I so beaten up? Oh my god the car wreck. Is she ok? .... Am.... Am I okay? I got really dizzy as she walked out. "Blake help!" Then the world became black and I couldn't catch my breath... I just felt little jolts in my chest and I quickly got up in the crowded room.   Did I just die? I feel like I've been stuck here forever. 
"He won't make it the next time." A doctor muttered.
"Fuck you! Yeah I will!" I yelled back, then I remembered I can't be heard. But I have to live! I have friends! What are there names? I can't remember... Why not? I know I have them! I just remember the name Blake. The blonde girl that was in here that loved me so much. I love her too. I have to wake up and remember! I have to! 

*** three weeks later ***

Fuck. Everything is so boring now. I love the beep of the machine though. Every time it stops I get more jolts... And it is beginning to hurt. She visited. Blake. So did a few guys I assumed were my friends. I don't know. Maybe my brothers? No adults came. Do I have parents? I don't know. I just know her. She was there when this all happened. She can remind me of who I am! Then she shuffled in, wearing black. All black. Black jeans and black converse. A black sweater that looked... Oddly familiar. It was so big on her. It was mine. Her hair covered most of her face and a black beanie and pulled over the curly locks down to her eyebrows. Only a sliver of her face showed. I could see her stunning blue colored eye. 
"Could you wake up for me?" She cried. Her makeup was already running before now. Don't cry over me please. "It's getting closer to Christmas, and I need you to wake up to open your present. We haven't reached thanksgiving yet, but you wouldn't want to eat. All you want it pizza." She half smiled. "Please." The lights began to blur for me And the air became thicker. My vision was was changing and now... 

I gasped for air. 
"Oh my god, Blake. I love you so much." I then leaned and kissed her. She seemed to shocked to return it, but still happy. 
"Michael! You... You're awake!" She smiled and embraced me.
"Guys, Michael is awake!" She yelled and three guys and a girl ran in. They looked so happy. I wish I knew who they were.
"Could you tell me there names?" I whispered. Blake laughed then realized I wasn't joking. 
"But how'd you know my name?" 
"I-I only remember you." I said. 
"You'll get your memory back. You'll be fine." She reassured me. "Michael, this is Ashton, Calum, Luke, and Serena. They are your best friends."
"I feel like I fought with that one a lot." I said and pointed to the boy with dark hair.
"Yeah... You have been... recently." Blake laughed nervously. "That's Calum."
"Calum." I muttered. 
"We are just glad you're alive, Mikey." The girl said with a smile. 
"Don't I have a mum and dad?" 
"They... Stayed in Australia. They heard the news and figured you'd be dead by the time they got here." The chiseled, curly blond one asked.
"But, why would they give up on their son?"
"It's hard to say." The tall blond boy with the lip ring said. 
"It's all just too... Unclear." 


Three weeks later and I'm finally out. My face is swollen shut and I'm not in too much pain. I'm not strapped to an uncomfortable bed. It's a better time. No memory. But it's better, okay?
"I've got somewhere to take you." Blake said in her red dress and large over sweater. She took my hand and we got in a familiar looking rental car. A jeep. She gasped once she sat in the drivers seat. 
"What's wrong?" I asked and grabbed her hand. 
"Nothing, just so many memories that we are going to get back." She began to drive. "You told me you had something to say the last time we spoke. You were driving. We got in a very bad wreck. You kept dying. I wanted to snap. Very dramatic times to say the least. But right before the crash you were going to tell me something. Can you remember?"
"Um.." Bright lights flashed in my brain. I heard he screaming at me and me swerving so I'd take the hit. "I remember the crash, but not what I was going to say." 
"That's the worst thing to remember." She sadly smiled. "But it's a memory." She took us to a downtown area beside a museum. "We were chosen to go to this art exhibit a while back. We ended up ditching even though I wanted to stay. 

~"That one looks like a penis." I whisper in her ear and she giggled. "Why are the people always naked?"
"Sh." She laughed and grabbed my hand softly.~

"Yeah, the naked people exhibit." I smiled. She returned a grin. We walked down the empty street. She pulled me into an ally with vandalized brick and beautiful artwork. The largest one caught me attention. It was of Blake. "Who did that one of you?"
"You did." 
"I can do that?"
"Of course." She took out three cans of spray paint from her large purse. "Come on. Let's paint."

~"I didn't think you were pro-vandalism." I said with a laugh. 
"I'm not, I do like good art, however." She smiled.~

She began to paint shapes of posh women walking down the street. I just pressed the button and let loose. Hat when the memories began to flood back. My vision blacked out but I just kept painting. I couldn't stop. There was too much happening. And then they were back. All of them. And I juts dropped the can of paint to see painting of Blake screaming. The scream haunts me. 
"Michael?" She asked, worried. 
"I remember. I remember it all. The crash. The first day. The fights with the boys. Coming to this school. Writing songs. Creating art. Your speech to me." I ran up to her and kissed her. "We've been through too damn much now to stop haven't we?" 
"Please don't scare me like that again." She cried.
"Don't cry. I just want you to stay happy forever.  I'm not leaving you anytime soon." 
"Don't." We drove home and I couldn't wait to tell her, but the time had to be right. I should've have said it in the ally. She parked the car at the campus. 
"What is it?"
"I love you. That's what I had to say... And it's a bit over due."
"I love you too, but sadly, things are a bit more complicated than love."

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