Louisville (Ashton Irwin fanfic)

I knew that my sister Layla was going to see 5sos, and that didn't make me the happiest. Somehow I had to end up at that concert, she knew that i loved them more than life itself but that didn't matter to her,ill just have to get money somehow. Thats exactly what I did. I can't wait to go. I EVEN GOT FRONT ROW!!!!!!! (don't ask how)


3. that night


that night.....

Carly's P.O.V

         Gwen had just gotten to my house and we were preparing for the biggest night of our lives,EVER!!!!

She had just gotten upstairs with the neon yellow posters i might add to start the decorating plus we ordered......PIZZA (MICHAEL WANTS ANOTHER SLICE,sorry i had to).

"Hey Carly, hurry up with the pizza I'm starving up here!" Gwen literally bursts my eardrums as I'm on my way to my room.

"Im coming, I'm coming,calm down, just be patient or I'll eat all the pizza myself" this seemed to get her up as she began to chase after me to get the pizza away from me but she should've known it wouldn't go down that easy...she had chased me until we had reached my closet where I locked myself so i could eat it all before she finds a way in in here.                                                                                                                                            being successful in this, I was still pretty generous and let her have the last piece after I came out, I wish you could have seen the look on her face it was a mix between horrified and ecstatic because i gave her a piece but only one of them.  Hey, she should be glad that I gave her one though.

"Thanks for the ONE slice of pizza, Carly!"

"SORRRY, these posters can't make themselves, lets get going!"

honestly none of this really hit me until about now, right after me and Gwen started to write on to the posters that we're bringing to the concert Friday and as I'm looking at what i wrote on them all that I'm thinking is how 5sos might actually see the poster and notice us and maybe, just maybe, BRING US ON THE FUCKING STAGE and then we'll get backstage and they'll love us forever and i'll date Ashton and get married.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by something pelting my head from the side and as i looked over at her it happened to be popcorn because apparently i had been daydreaming about that scene in my mind for at least 5 minutes now. 

"Pass me the lights" I told Gwen since she brought them so we could line out the posters to make them even more visible to the band.

"here you go, i love the way these lights look on the edge of the posters plus the style of the lettering we used."    


It has been about and hour and we have finished both our posters and picked our outfits for the concert which consist of mine being black ripped skinny jeans, hi-top black on black converse, a 5sos muscle crop top, and a maroon snapback.

Gwens is pretty much the same thing but she had a black and white snapback.

after we had gotten all of this done I thought it would be awesome if she could stay with me until the concert so she had to got back to her house so she could grab some clothes to wear while she was staying.

Meanwhile, since I was waiting for her to get back, i went downstairs to see what my mom was up to after she's been back home for a while.

"Hey Mom,when did you get back from the store?"

"Oh it hasn't been that long what have you been up to?"

"me and Gwen have been preparing for the concert by making posters, planning out our outfits, and what we will do when we go to the meet and greet."

"Are you excited for the concert in i guess its one day in a few hours, and i can only imagine how you are feeling right now."

"I am so fricking pumped, and Gwen staying with me until then makes it like 20 times better, speaking of Gwen is it ok if she stays with us until the concert?"

"Yeah, im ok with it as long as she asks her parents first."
"ok, I bet they did so she should be here soon."

"ok,what would y'all want to eat since we don't have much to eat here"

she had to know what was coming next..


"I knew that was about to happen, I'll go order dominoes in a few."

"thanks mom, I'm gonna see where Gwen is she should be here by now."

Authors note

s sorry about all these chapters i know hey are somewhat boring but these are just filler chapters the next update will BLOW YOUR MIND, sorry I've been watching too much dan and phil lately. 

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