Louisville (Ashton Irwin fanfic)

I knew that my sister Layla was going to see 5sos, and that didn't make me the happiest. Somehow I had to end up at that concert, she knew that i loved them more than life itself but that didn't matter to her,ill just have to get money somehow. Thats exactly what I did. I can't wait to go. I EVEN GOT FRONT ROW!!!!!!! (don't ask how)


7. next morning

Gwen's P.O.V

It seemed like just a normal day until I woke up, even though I was with Carly like we planned, their was something different about where we were. As I was looking at my surroundings, I saw something out of the corner of my eye and IK pretty sure I know who it was but I couldn't believe it. Rubbing my eyes to clear my vision, sure enough it was him...the...Lucas...Robert...Hemmings, looking at me from across the room.

"Hey, so I guess you're wondering where you are right now?"

"Basically, where are we?" I said trying to hold in my inner fangirl

"Well last night, it was time to go and you two were dead asleep so we just decided to bring you to the bus since we are gonna be here for a few days, and yeah that's where you are."he said kind of reserved

"Oh that makes sense, and sorry we fell asleep on y'all, we just felt so comfortable around y'all."

"That's ok, we're glad that both you and Carly could feel comfortable around us most of our fans act so shy and reserved around us, I guess we don't really have the chance to get to know them." He said with a slight smile

"Yeah it must be hard wanting to meet them all at once and not be able to get to know any of them, I feel so lucky to be able to spend this much time with any of y'all."

"Yeah we felt like it was time to do a full on meet and greet and have a couple of people backstage to get to know what our fans are like cause all of you are basically family to us, I guess that's implied in 5sosfam." He said making us both laugh at the end

"That's what I love about y'all is that you base everything on the fans and don't worry what the rest of the world thinks, just knowing that you have your fans by y'alls sides."

"THANK YOU, that is what we've been trying to say all this time and some people just can't get it through their heads that we don't care what they think we just do what we know and that its all for the fans."

Carly's P.O.V

I heard a bunch of talking and decided I was just gonna sleep a few minutes longer until I heard...

THANK YOU from a tall blonde haired boy and I started to question is this all a dream or what so u decided maybe if I pinch myself and yep this is real...

"YAAWWWWNN" (sorry didn't know how else to put that in there)

"Hey Carly is that you" Gwen said from the other side of the room

"Yeah it's me, where are we?" I questioned while I rubbed my eyes looking over to where Luke sat in front of Gwen

"Oh we fell asleep while watching bobs burgers last night so we were brought to there bus since they are here for a few days."

"Ohhh ok, well where is everyone, it's just so quiet?"

"Well, if you've been a fan long enough you know that Michael and Calum are pretty heavy sleepers and Ashton is probably on the bathroom, I think I heard him get up a few minutes ago."

"Ok, I'm usually a pretty heavy sleeper myself but I heard someone yelling and it woke me up."

"Sorry about that,it was me." He said heat rising to his cheeks

Ashton's P.O.V

I had just gotten up a few minutes ago

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