Louisville (Ashton Irwin fanfic)

I knew that my sister Layla was going to see 5sos, and that didn't make me the happiest. Somehow I had to end up at that concert, she knew that i loved them more than life itself but that didn't matter to her,ill just have to get money somehow. Thats exactly what I did. I can't wait to go. I EVEN GOT FRONT ROW!!!!!!! (don't ask how)


6. Backstage experience

so after being on stage with 5sos we were escorted back to our seats to watch the rest of the show, obviously it was amazing, and since the album wasn't out yet they only sang a couple that most had already hear which was Jet Black Heart and Permanent Vacation, which they had started playing even before they announced the new album.  Me and Gwen never had a moment in which we weren't either screaming the lyrics, just screaming, or sometimes just flat-out crying.  At one point I just happened to be looking at them in-between songs and see someone looking at me, when I scanned the stage to see who it was, I ABOUT DIED, it was Ashton AGAIN i think he might actually like me, but again, nobody ever likes me cause I'm not the smallest person out there but you never know. 

Layla's P.O.V

       I can't believe that i am at this concert with my sister being 10 rows ahead of me AND she got to be on stage with them, I mean I'm the reason she likes them in the first place, well, she knew who they were but, she wasn't exactly a fan of them .

I know that I'm gonna have to deal with the fact that she got lucky enough to win the contest but, I really wish that it was me even though I am older than all of the boys, I'm going to be 23 on sept. 1, even though I'm older then them I'm still the one who told her about them. On a completely different note I really have been into Luke's brother Jack he looks just like Luke but older, like my age older.

Gwen's P.O.V

Ok, so I'm officially freaking out and no one can stop me. We are about 10 minutes from meeting our idols and between me and Carly we were standing out in the crowd and we were trying so hard to contain ourselves so they wouldn't be freaked out by us

"Ok Carly, we've gotta calm down before they get freaked out by us." 

"OK, ok,ok I can do that, i think...maybe...it'll be hard but i can do it." she said 

"Oh shit we have like less than 5 minutes until we meet 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER, I'm serious tell me, is this all a dream right now, please pinch me now to confirm." i  wasn't completely sure if she would actually do but, sure enough, she did and not just a small normal pinch, it hurt like shit, I thought it was about to bleed.

"OWWWW, I DIDNT MEAN TO PICH MY SKIN OF OF MY BODY!" she had a sad look on her face

"Sorry,i didn't mean to do it that hard." she said with an apologetic look on her face.

 On our way to meet 5sos

to meet them we had to go find security and tell them our names that the radio station put on the list, it took them a minute to find our names, hoping it's not because there's a bunch of people meeting them. Maybe we have a sport group that gets to meet them seperately after everyone else, I'm hoping that's the case. 

"You two can have a seat over there in the lounge, you two get to meet them separately after everyone else." the security guard came back and told us after a few minutes.

Carly's P.O.V

"Ok, so what I'm taking from this we get to meet 5SOS individually...ALONE..MEANING BY OURSELVES...WITH 5SOS..WHAT ARE WE GONNA SAY TO THEM, i never thought this would happen but what am i gonna say, wha will I do...AGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!"

"Ok Carly, calm down, we can do this, just imagine them as regular people that we've known forever, I mean we basically know everything about them so... basically just imagine that we're best friends." Gwen said trying to calm me down, honestly it really did work, I mean they are basically our best friends, I mean we know a lot about them so that's what i am gonna do.

"Thank you so much Gwen, I literally don't know what I would do without you BAE, I guess it's cause I'm always so shy that I think i'll make a fool of myself, I don't want to feel this way but i can't help it." 

Gwen has a shocked look on her face, what was she looking at?

"You don't have to feel that way, we're all friends here." OML IS THAT ASHTON'S VOICE THAT I HEAR, IT CAN'T BE, ITS NOT I CANT BELIEVE THIS, but judging from the look on Gwen's face, it can't be anyone else.

So the one thing left to do is turn around and look.."HOLY SHIT!" oml did i just say that out loud,  I did, well to late now to take it back.

"HOLY SHIT, why'd you say HOLY SHIT?" Michael mocked my words 

"Sorry, It's just seeing y'all makes me so happy that i just say stuff sparatically." Is this really happening right now, i'm talking to 5sos, and as this is happening, i happened to get a glance at Gwen, who is still in her shocked state, she needs to take her own advice ad just think of them as like we've known them for a while, just our best friends instead of huge stars, even though they are. 

"so, do y'all wanna take a look backstage, not very interesting but there's lots of food, including pizza, and it's nice to just chill and hangout, plus we can watch Bob's Burgers-"Ashton was cut off by Michael

"THE BEST FUCKING SHOW EVER!!!!" michael screamed as loud as he could, practically sprinting back to where the tv was, grabbing some pizza and turning on Bob;s Burgers on Netflix. I don't think I've ever seen him run before, well until now.

Luke, Ashton, and Calum followed close behind, I bumped Gwen's shoulder to get her attention and she immediately went running, and i followed close behind not able to keep up, I got there last. Without a seat left, I wasn't sure where to go, so i was just gonna sit on the floor when someone spoke up...

"We don't want you to sit on the floor, come sit by us." Mikey and Ash said in unison, so I did.

"okay" as I walk over I receive a look from both Ash and Michael, do they both like me? OML, is this happening

"So, where are y'all from?" Luke asked

"Memphis, not the best, but it's ok."

"I've heard a lot about memphis, we have a lot of fans from there." Luke answered

and we ended up sitting there for a good 3 hours just watching tv, laughing, talking, and getting to know each other, me and Gwen looked at he time and realized it was 11:00 pm, and we knew we needed to go nut if they weren't gonna ask us to leave then why should we? 


I am so so so sorry guys for making y'all wait so long for an update school, me being sick, and my sister coming home this weekend, and laziness, i have not had the chance to write. I promise I will get it up sooner for my next update 


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