That concert

It was just an ordinary concert until he saw her. He needed her, it wasn't just a girl he saw in the crowd who he thought was hot.. She was something different, something he knew was better and he wanted her.


1. The concert

*Lukes POV*

"This show is going to be wicked!" Ashton had said as we were all in the dressing room. It was currently 4:00 in the afternoon as we had a while before we actually went out on stage. "You say that for every show, calm your shit" Michael was sitting on his phone, probably scrolling through Twitter. "I mean it every time I say it, you act like I don't" Ashton had simply said as he looked over at me. "What's wrong Luke? You seem a bit anxious" he said as I turned my attention back over to him, shrugging lightly I set my phone down as I ran my fingers through my hair. "Nah, I'm just a bit tired that's all" I said and sigh softly as I laid down on the small couch, taking a deep breath as I closed my eyes and ended up falling asleep.

It was about 5 minutes till we had to go on stage as we were warming up, I had my guitar in my hands as I began to strum lightly and hum a bit of a song. Those 5 minutes we had went by pretty fast as I could hear the screams of the fans as the countdown was at 10 seconds. Ashton went behind his drumset as the fans went crazier. The rest of us ran out as I smiled at the crowd as we began to open the show with, 'End up here' we rocked the stage as we talked to the crowd a bit as I looked out and couldn't help but smile. The boys went back stage halfway through the show as we were going to sing, 'Long way home'. "I'm going to need your help with this one guys" I said into the mic as I looked around. I saw front row as the crowd began to sing as I saw her. She was beautiful as I sing the lyric, "tonight" Ashton began to play the drums taking me back to reality. I couldn't help but keep looking down at her as I smiled a bit and sing to the song. It was our last night here and I would never see her again. It soon came to the end of the show as we all came up to bow as Ashton threw his sticks out to the crowd as we said goodbye. I couldn't forget about her, she was too beautiful to forget about, I needed to see her again and I knew I never would and it broke me.

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