That concert

It was just an ordinary concert until he saw her. He needed her, it wasn't just a girl he saw in the crowd who he thought was hot.. She was something different, something he knew was better and he wanted her.


18. So in love

*Toulas POV*

I woke up to the noise of Luke snoring in my ear. I looked down at him as his head was lightly placed on my chest and his arms were wrapped around me. I run my fingers lightly through his hair as he moved a bit, the snoring stopped as I smiled lightly to myself. I rub his scalp like he liked when I play with his hair as I felt him relax once more into my body, his weight coming onto my body but I didn't mind as long as he was comfortable. I reached for my phone and scroll through Twitter and Instagram as I take a picture of him sleeping and set my phone down. He looked so peaceful and nothing was stressing him out, he was calm. Luke was probably one of the most stressed out people I knew besides my mom or the other boys. Since he was in the band he felt he had to hold this image so people would like him. Countless times I would tell him it shouldn't matter as long as he's happy with himself and that it shouldn't matter what people think of him because look at where he is in life. I looked down at I hear Molly walk in and jump on the bed next to me as I began to pet her head as she laid down next to me. "Hi princess" I said softly as I watched her tail wag as I said that, my hand still rubbing her ears as her eyes were closed. My other hand was in Luke's hair, still playing with it. I heard his door open again as Liz walked in and smiled at me. "Hey sweetie, I was going to ask you two if you wanted to come to the beach with us but I see you're a bit tied up" she laughed lightly as I smiled. "I would love too but these two would be upset if I stopped rubbing their heads" I laughed softly as she smiled. "You know I've never seen him like this, so in love with someone" she said softly as she sat down on the end of the bed. "Really?" I asked softly as Molly had fallen asleep and I stopped rubbing her ears, my hand going to Lukes back to trace little patterns. Liz nodded and smiled, "He loves you Toula, more than words can even describe. I see it, the way he looks at you, how he treats you, what he does for you" she said as I smiled a bit, and looked at her. "I know, I'm happy I have someone like him in my life, I couldn't ask for anyone else" I said softly. "I've never seen two people so in love with one another, it's amazing" she said and smiled as she stood up, kissing my head. "When he wakes up tell him we went to the beach" she said softly as I nodded. She walked out of the room and closed the door on her way out. I took a deep breath and looked down at him. "God.. I fucking love you Hemmings" I said softly and kissed his head as I try to fall back asleep.

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