That concert

It was just an ordinary concert until he saw her. He needed her, it wasn't just a girl he saw in the crowd who he thought was hot.. She was something different, something he knew was better and he wanted her.


16. Netflix and chill?

*Toulas POV*

Luke and I were watching a movie in his room as we were on his bed. His family was downstairs and his door was closed. He had his arms wrapped around me, his head was on my shoulder as he began to kiss my neck. I didn't pay much attention to it as I was watching the movie that was on, "babe" he said softly in my ear and began to kiss down my neck again. "Luke, your family is downstairs" I said softly and shrugged him off a bit but he kept kissing my neck until he found my sweet spot. "Well then you have to be quite" he said softly in my ear. "Luke.. What if someone walks in or they hear us" I mumbled as I was slowly giving into him. "No one is going to walk in, and you have to be quiet princess" he began to slip his hand under my shirt. "What do you think babe? My mom knows I'm not so innocent, I'm 19 year old boy and have a girlfriend for almost a year" he climbs on top of me and holds himself up with his arms. "You know I was watching a movie" I acted like I was upset but he chuckled and looked at me, "Netflix and chill?" He licked his lips and began to kiss down my neck before slipping my shirt off as i had taken my bra off a while ago when the movie started. "I love it when you don't wear a bra, it's easier for me" he said as he kissed down my breast and took one in his hand, kissing down my stomach. I ran my fingers through his hair and lightly pulled at it, "Luke.." I mumbled a bit as he sits up and pulled off his own shirt. I couldn't help but stare as I began to bite my lip and look him over as I was checking him out, Luke and I have almost been together for a year and I'm always impressed by him. I sit up a bit, pressing my lips into his in a hungry kiss, my arms going around him as I lightly pulled at his hair and his arms wrapped around me and pulled me closer to him.

My legs wrapped around his waist a bit as I straddle him, his hands all over my body. "Fuck babe" he mumbled lightly against my lips. I sit up on my knees as he pulled down my shorts that I was wearing along with my panties as he throws then some where in his room. He pushed me back and my back hit the bed once more as I looked up at him, my hands finding there way to his jeans as I unzip them and pulled them down a bit, slipping my hand into his jeans as I began to rub him through his boxers as a low growl came from him. "Fuck.." He breathed out and began to kiss my neck and leave hickeys all over. I continue to palm him through his boxers before he pulled my hand away and placed it lightly above my head. "As much as I love when you do that, I'm not going to last long if you keep that up" he said, his voice a bit deeper now. He reached over to his nightstand and opened the drawer and pulled out a condom and held it between his teeth as he pulls down his boxers and opened the package as he rolled the condom on. "I love you princess" he said with his lips barley on mine as he pushed into me, a moan coming from my lips as he immediately pressed his lips on mine. "Quite babe" he mumbled as he slowly began to rock his hips. My nails dragged down his back and probably left marks, my face hiding in his neck, biting my lip as I didn't want to make any loud noise. "Luke, faster" I whimper softly and he rocked his hips at a faster pace, his one hand gripping onto the headboard of his bed. "Fuck princess you feel so good" he softly moans out, biting his lip where his lip ring used to be. I dig my nails into his skin, holding in any moans as I whimper softly into his neck, my legs wrapping around him a bit tighter then before. He went a bit harder, my eyes closing, the pleasure was amazing as it took over my body. I heard Luke moan softly into my neck, his head on my shoulder, "Fuck" he whimpers softly. I pulled a bit at his hair, "fuck Luke, I'm close" I moan out softly as I arched my back up, my chest becoming pressed against his. His arm wrapped around me, as he moved faster and harder but his thrust become a bit sloppy and I knew Luke was close but he wanted me to reach my climax first and I did. Profanities left my lips along with Lukes' name. After I reached my climax Luke reached his as he stopped moving for a second, his baby blue eyes closing as he whimpers and was biting his lip hard. My name leaving his perfect lips as he dropped his head into my shoulder, slowly moving his hips to ride out our climaxes as he soon pulled out and stood up to throw the condom away.

My eyes were closed and I felt him get back in the bed, pulling the covers over our bodies as I curl into him. "You never fail to make me feel so good" I said softly and glanced up at him, a small smirk forming on his lips as I could tell he was proud and my words made him feel good about himself. "I can say the same for you babygirl" he kissed the top of my head before he tilted my chin up to look up at him. "I love you so much, I wouldn't want to do anything; especially this with anyone else" he said softly before he pecked my lips softly. I placed my hand lightly on his chest, lightly taking his necklace that he wore in my hand as I kissed back before pulling away and looking at the jewelry around his neck. He wore 2 necklaces and I've always loved one of them. I looked up at him, kissing under his jaw as I took a deep breath before a small yawn left my lips. "Sleep babygirl" he mumbled as he was already halfway asleep. "I love you Luke, so much" I said and kissed his cheek before I laid down, tangling our legs together and fell asleep.

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