That concert

It was just an ordinary concert until he saw her. He needed her, it wasn't just a girl he saw in the crowd who he thought was hot.. She was something different, something he knew was better and he wanted her.


2. It's her..

*Toulas POV*

After the concert, my friend and I walked out to my car as we drove the long way to the venu. "That was amazing!!" My friend, Meadow said as she couldn't keep the smile off her face. "I know, I was so happy we actually got to see them" I said as I got in the car and put my seatbelt on as I began to drive back home. About an hour or later we were home as we walked inside and right to my room. "I need to tell you something" I said as I walked to the bathroom to take all my makeup off as Meadow followed. "What's up?" She stood behind me as I smiled a bit, "Luke hemmings smiled at me, he couldn't stop looking at me.. Or I like to think it was me.. I hope it was me" I looked down as it came to me as it could have been anyone in the front row. "Alright, well, I saw him look at you during one of his solos so I don't blame you there" she said as she ran my fingers through her short hair, smiling at me. "I have hope for you kiddo" she smiled as she walked out as she sat on my bed. "It could have been anyone now that I think of it" I grab some different clothes as I changed and put my concert once a in the hamper. "Well, I mean you're right but just think of it as you? You'll be happier that way" she said as she was laying down on my bed, her phone in her hands. "We are still going to the city tomorrow right?" I asked, she simply nodded as I laid down in my bed next to her as I turned off the light. "Tonight was amazing.." I said softly as she smiled, "I know, it really was."

-The next day-

I could hear the birds chirp outside as I didn't feel Meadow beside me as I groaned lightly. I knew she was downstairs as she was going to eat all my food again. My mom had went to work as I had a brother who was in college, I for one was only 18 and about to go to college as school had just ended. I rolled out of my bed and rub my eyes and walked downstairs as she was making food, "my peasant" I snicker as I can hear her scoff. "I'm going to get ready" I said as I grabbed a water and walked back upstairs to get ready. I showered quickly as I was soon done and got dressed, putting on some ripped shorts and a black v-neck as I left my hair be curly, doing my makeup as I put on mascara and foundation. Meadow was already ready as she was waiting downstairs as I grab my converse along with my purse with my keys. "Let's go" I said and smiled as we walked out to my car, making the drive to the city.

*Lukes POV*

The boys and I had one more day in the city until we had to go the next. "You guys want to spend the day out today?" Ashton had asked as we all looked at him, he was always the one up for any adventure and he needed to be outside all the time sometimes. I couldn't get my mind off the girl from last night as I had told Calum about it. "Maybe you'll see her if we do" Calum whispered to me as I nodded a bit. We were all ready dressed as I was wearing black skinny jeans and a Nickelback shirt as I put on my black converse as I tie them up as we all walked out. A few of our bodyguards were behind us so if we got mobbed it was kinda okay. I was walking behind Mikey and Ashton as calum was beside me as I bit my lip, playing with my ring as I looked around for her. "Calum, what if I don't find her?" I asked a bit nervous as he laughed a bit, "then we shall find her Twitter" he said and smiled at me trying to lighten the mood. A group of girls spotted us as the all crowd around us, more girls coming as I looked around for the girl last night as I sign a few things, taking a few pictures. I looked up and across the street there she was, beautiful as ever as her curly hair fell past her shoulders as I smiled a bit to myself. Looking over at Calum as he was beside me, our bodyguards keeping us safe as I whisper something to him as he looked over and smiled and nodded. "What good taste Hemmings" he said softly to me as I nodded. She looked stunning as I looked at Calum as him and I tried to get away from the crowd do I could go see her, but it wasn't working out very well.

*Toulas POV*

"Wonder what that crowd over there is for" Meadow said as I take a sip of my drink as we had went to Starbucks. I shrugged lightly as I take a closer look, "that's 5 seconds of summer!" I yelled at her as her eyes widen a bit. She was a huge Calum girl as she looked at me. "There's no way for us to even get close to them with all those girls over there.." She mumbled lightly as I could see she was kinda loosing hope. "We will stay close and see what happens" I said as we walked into a near by store so we were still close. I kept looking out the window as the crowd dies down as they boys all walked across the street. "Holy shit they're coming over here!" Meadow began to freak out as I smiled. We casually walked over to the front to keep looking as they walked walked in. Michael and Ashton went to the back of the store to go look at some things as Meadow walked away from me for a second as I felt someone being pushed to me. I looked up and was met with a pair of blue eyes as they belong to no one else but Luke Hemmings.

*Lukes POV*

Calum had pushed me to the girl as I groaned lightly and looked at him as he gave me a casual smile. He walked over to her friend to go and talk to her as I looked down at the beautiful girl standing infront of me. "H-Hey" I said as I was a bit nervous. I could see her smile casually up at me, words spoke from her perfect lips as. I hear screams outside as the bodyguards made sure no one can come in and no one can come out as we were stuck in the store. "I'm Luke.. If you didn't already know that" I chuckled a bit as I rub the back of my neck. "Toula" she simply said as she picked out a nice shirt. I was terrible with talking to girls as I wasn't so smooth like the other boys were. "That's a nice shirt, it would look good on you" I said as I looked at her, completely mesmerized. "Thanks, I like it too" she said and giggled lightly and smiled up at me. I couldn't let her slip away this time as I bit my lip as I played with my lip ring a bit, "Uh.. Do you have a Twitter or something?" I asked as I clear my throat a bit. She nodded as she pulled her phone out, and told me her Twitter and be Instagram. "You know.. I have to be completely honest with you, I saw you last night in the crowd and I knew I had to get to know you" I said and looked at her as I couldn't help but smile. "Today's my last day here, but I really hope I can still talk to you" I said as I was still a bit nervous. She nodded a bit as we walked to the counter so she could pay for her shirt, "I'd like that Luke" she said as I felt my heart flutter. "Boys! Let's go!" I heard Cory, one of our bodyguards yell as I bit my lip softly. She turned to face me as I glance over to see Calum hugging the girl as I looked back at Toula. "I'll talk to you when I get back on the bus" I said and hugged her as she hugged me back. I could feel her lips on my cheek as I blushed a bit. "Hemmings! Let's go!" I heard Michael yell as I kissed her cheek as I ran over with the boys, leaving the store. "She's so amazing.." I said to Calum as he rubs my back. "I'm glad for you" he said as we walked back to the bus as I had my hands in my pocket. "Just amazing.." I mumbled to myself.

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