That concert

It was just an ordinary concert until he saw her. He needed her, it wasn't just a girl he saw in the crowd who he thought was hot.. She was something different, something he knew was better and he wanted her.


7. 'Girlfriend'

*Lukes POV*

I woke up the next morning at around noon as I was up late talking to Toula. I groan lightly as we had a show tonight as I was tired and all I wanted to do was sleep the rest of the day. "Mike!" I called out as I hear him playing video games as I sigh softly as he popped his head in my bunk. "What time do we have soundcheck?" I asked and ran my fingers through my hair. "I think 3ish, maybe 4" he said and looked around and smiled at me. "Thanks" I mumbled and roll over in my bunk. "Get up you lazy ass, come play Fifa with me" he said and pull the covers off as I whimper a bit, "come on Mikey, it's cold" I said and grab the covers and pull them over me once more. "Come play with me" he pouts as I sigh softly and nodded, getting out of my bunk. He smiled as he walked to the back and sat down and waited for me to come as he handed me a control. We began to play as I was still kinda tired, my head on his shoulder as the other boys woke up and looked at us. "How cute" Ashton said and smiled as they sat down as I rub my eyes. "Why are you so tired lately?" Michael looked at me and paused the game, "he's up half the night talking to Toula" Calum said as Michael nodded and looked at me as I was falling asleep on his shoulder, "he's so into her" he whispers as the boys nodded.

-A little later-

We were doing soundcheck as it was a few hours to the show as I had slept all day until now. Some fans came early as I heard them scream outside the arena as we were in Kentucky from being in Chicago the past two night. I felt my phone buzz as it was Toula that texted me, 'Hope to see you at the show later xx' she sent I was completely confused on why she would even say that as I bit my lip and didn't bother to reply back. It was 5 minutes to the show as I was strumming on my guitar a bit and hummin softly to myself as the text from Toula slipped my mind.

*Toulas POV*

Meadow had family in Kentucky and they had gotten us tickets to the show so her and I made the 7 hour drive from Chicago to go and see it. "Does Luke know?" She asked and looked over at me as it was about 5 minutes to the show as the fans screamed. "I texted him but he didn't reply" I said as I lean against the railing a bit as they were front row. We had made a sign that said, 'We drove all the way from Chicago to be here' as we were going to hold it up. We were on the right side of the stage, right infront of Michael and his microphone stand. As the countdown started we all screamed as I heard Ashton play on the drums as it felt like the first time we saw them; immense. When they all came out we held up our sign and began to sing along, Michael noticed us first and smiled at Meadow and I as I waved a bit. Once the first song was over Michael walked to his mic. "I think someone would be happy to see someone in the audience this evening" he said as he smiled at me as I was hiding behind the poster. The crowd went a bit quiet as he spoke again, "come out from the poster" he said as I set it down and smiled up at the boys. I could see Lukes' eyes go wider than ever as he looked at me, mouth a bit open as he was in shock. The boys cheered and he stood there, "say something Lucas" Ashton said and smiled a bit as he just smiled. "My girlfriend is in the audience tonight and didn't tell me" Luke said as I blushed a bit. "Alright, let's move on from this sappy love crap and play another song!" Michael said as they began to play again. Through out the entire show Luke wouldn't keep his eyes off of me and when they were playing, 'She's kinda hot' he winked at me as Meadow was too focused on Calum to notice anything. When the end of the show soon came Luke nodded to backstage as I nodded, grabbing Meadow by the arm and bring her to the back as a guard stopped us. "Passes?" He asked and crossed his arms over his chest. "Um.. Does being Lukes girlfriend count as a pass?" I asked softly and gave him a shy smile as he rolled his eyes. "Sorry, everyone says they are Lukes girlfriend" he said and laughed a bit. "No, but she really is" Meadow chimes in as I nodded a bit. He rolled his eyes and ignored us as i bit my lip softly and looked at her. "Sorry, I can't let you back without a pass" he said and crossed his arms over his chest. I looked at Meadow and bit my lip as she knew what I was thinking, "hey! Look over there! Girls are trying to sneak in!" I yelled as he turned his head as I grabbed Meadow and run pass the guard. "Hey! Get back here!" He yelled as her and I ran faster.

As Meadow and I ran we ended up running into people as the guard grabbed us by the arms. I look up to see Luke as he looked confused, "Rick what are you doing?" He asked and pulled me away from him. "This girl claims to be your girlfriend" he was trying to catch his breath from running to get us. "She is my girlfriend" Luke said and looked at him, "this is Toula, the one I told you about" he said as Rick looked at us. "I am truly sorry" he said to me with an apologetic smile. "Yea, it's fine" I said and ran my fingers through my hair a bit as Meadow was talking to Calum. I looked up at Luke and smiled a bit, "hey princess" he said and kissed my cheek softly as I blushed. "Hi" I spoke shyly as I put my face in his chest as I could feel him chuckle.

*Lukes POV*

She was actually here and I was shocked. Shocked that she would even come all this way just for me. "Why didn't you tell me?" I ask, tilting her head up a bit for her to look at me as I smiled lightly down at her. She was so beautiful and I was so intrigued with her and the boys knew that too; everyone did. "I kinda did when I told you I would see you tonight" she said and kissed under my jaw as she was too short to kiss my cheek. I smiled a bit and kept my arm around her waist tightly as the boys and I walked back to our dressing room. After a little bit the boys and I had to go back to the hotel, "are you going to drive back home tonight?" I asked Toula as she shook her head. "Meadow and I staying for a few days and then driving back" she said as we all walked outside to where the bus was. "Hm, does that mean I can maybe see you tomorrow before the show?" I asked, turning to face her as I held her hips; looking down at her as I could see her smile. "If you want to see me then yes, you can see me before the show" she said and looked up at me. I felt my heart flutter as I kissed her head softly. "Text me when you get back to where ever you and Meadow are staying, I want to make sure you're safe" I said softly as she nodded. I glance over at Calum and Meadow as her face was buried in his chest. "Can they come with us to the hotel?" Michael chimes in as I looked at him, shrugging a bit. "I don't know, maybe if they want too" I said. I looked down at Toula as I play with my lip ring, "do you want to come to the hotel with the boys and I and stay with us?" I asked her softly. Her arms were wrapped around my waist as she nodded her head a bit. I gave her the name to the hotel as her and Meadow walked to Toula's car as they drive off.

Once we all got to the hotel, I took Toula to my room as she sets her bags down, taking her shoes off. "I'm going to go shower" I said, kissing her cheek as she sat down on the bed and nodded a bit. I took a quick shower, getting out as I put on some sweatpants once I got out, running my fingers through my hair a bit and laid down next to Toula as she was on the bed on her phone. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close to my chest and kissed her cheek softly. "I missed you so much.. I'm so happy you're here" I said softly. "I missed you too Lukey" she said and looked up at me, pressing her lips lightly on to mine as I kissed her back. Once she pulled away she placed her head on my chest as I pull the covers over us, holding her close to me. "Goodnight princess" I said softly and closed my eyes, "goodnight" I heard her say before I fell asleep.

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