That concert

It was just an ordinary concert until he saw her. He needed her, it wasn't just a girl he saw in the crowd who he thought was hot.. She was something different, something he knew was better and he wanted her.


8. Fucked up

*Toula' POV*

A few months had passed and I was on tour with the boys as Meadow had to go back home so it was just me. Before she left Calum had asked her the be his girlfriend and of course she said yes. I was currently sitting on Luke's bed while he was with the boys at rehearsal for tonight's show as I chose to stay behind in the bus. 'So what's it like?' I got a text from Meadow, 'It's fun to travel to different states, see new things' I reply back. I heard a yell from outside the bus as I knew it was Michael as the boys were now back. "Stop doing that!" He yelled while all of them walked in. "Toula! Tell Luke to stop bullying me!" I got out of the bunk area to be faced with 4 idiots. "What's he doing Mikey?" Luke was about to say something but Michael pushed him a bit. "He flicked my head" he pouts, "and you just pushed me!" Luke yelled a bit. "Boys boys, stop. Mikey don't push Luke and Luke don't flick Michael, problem solved" I said and ran my fingers through my hair a bit. Luke huffed, crossing his arms over his chest and looked at me, "Baby.." He pouted as he wanted me to take his side. "That's not fair! You can't pull that!" Mikey pouts. I laughed lightly and looked at Luke, raising my eyebrow a bit. "What Hemmings?" He walked over and wrapped his arms around me, picking me up as he throws me over his shoulder, "she's always going to take my side!" He said and walked away from the boys as I began to hit his butt a few times until he set me down in the back of the bus. He kissed the top of my head and smiled, "How's my girl?" He asked. I blushed a little, hiding my face in his chest, "I'm good, how was practice?" I looked up at him. "Hm, it was alright but I wish you came" he pouts a bit, wrapping his arms around my tighter. "I know, but I'll be at the show I took a nap while you guys were gone" I said. He looked back at the time, "speaking of naps, I should take one, I have about 4 hours till the show" he kissing my temple and sat down on the couch that was here. He grabbed my hand, looking at me as I was still standing. "Babygirl lay down with me" he said. I sat down next to him as he pulled me on top of his chest his arms wrapped around me. He rubbed my back lightly, his fingers lightly going up and down my spine. "Have I ever told you how much you mean to me?" He said softly. I nodded, "you remind me everyday" I smiled as I look up at him, "I remind you so you never forget, I don't want you to forget how important you are" he said softly and yawned. "I know Lukey, I know now go to sleep" I kissed under his jaw as he hummed softly, closing his eyes as we both fell asleep.

It was about 2 hours till the show as Luke had woken up, rubbing his eyes as he looked at me, kissing my head softly. "Hey.. Princess" he spoke softly, his voice a bit raspy. He rubbed my back a bit as I slowly began to wake up, "hm open your pretty eyes for me babe" he said softly. I didn't wear any makeup today as I rubbed my eyes, slowly opening them as I looked up at him. "There's my pretty girl" he said and kissed my cheek softly. I couldn't help but smile a bit, "hey you two, we are going out to eat before the show, want to come?" Calum said, standing in the door way and looked at us. I nodded a bit, "I do if Luke does" I said, slowly sitting up. "Where are we going?" He asked, slightly stretching a bit and sat up, wrapping his arms around me. "Probably going to get some pizza or burgers" Mikey said. "Give us like 10 minutes and we will be out" Luke said. Mikey walked away as I looked back at Luke, him smiling at me. "How did you sleep babygirl?" He lips started to trail lightly down my neck, "Fine, you?" I asked allowing him to keep going as I felt him nod a bit. Once him and I finally got up I reached for his hand, lacing our fingers together as we walked out to the rest of the boys.

*Lukes POV*

It was 15 minutes till the show started and I was tuning my guitar a bit backstage with the boys. "Let's make this a good show boys" our tour manager said to us as we all nodded. I glanced over at Toula and she was on her phone not paying much attention, "hey babe" I said, she looked up from her phone and gave me a look. "Come here" I pout lightly. She pushed herself up as she was on the floor against the wall and walked to me, "Yea?" Her voice was soft as she came up to me. "Kiss?" I pout even more, "hm I don't know" she rolled her eyes playfully and looked at me, "please baby?" I asked once more until she lightly pressed her soft lips onto mine. I didn't know how she did it but her lips aren't chapped and they are so soft and kissable I could kiss her all day if I could. "2 minutes boys!" I heard someone yell, I slowly and painfully pull away and looked down at her. "Promise you will be here when I'm done" she nodded and kissed under my jaw cause she was too short to reach my cheek. "Have fun" she said and I nodded, the boys and I running on to the stage to begin the show.

I glanced at Toula a few times as she was watching from the side of the stage. I wasn't comfortable with her going out to the crowd yet knowing that some of the fans don't like her since she is my girlfriend, I didn't want her to get hurt or for the fans to be rude to her at all. I wink at her causing her to blush and look down as I went back to my mic and began to sing. Once the song was over Michael looked at me, "Hemmings seems very energetic this evening" he said into his mic, "someone took a nice nap didn't he?" Calum added. "It was a wonderful nap thank you" I said and looked at them, "was it now? How so?" Mikey asked. "A nap is a nap, naps are always good" I said and rolled my eyes. "Oh? So it wasn't because someone special was napping with you?" He asked as I began to blush. "Shut up Michael" I mumbled into the microphone. I can hear ashton and Calum laugh a bit as I shook my head as we all began to play the next song.

Once the show was over, we all run off stage, sweaty and tired as I set my guitar down and looked around for Toula. "Anyone seen my girlfriend?" I asked, "she went to the bathroom really quick" one of the backstage crew members said to me. Soon enough I see her walk in, drying her hands on her jeans that she wore today. "Princess!" I said loudly and run up to her, knowing she hated when I did that when I was all sweaty. "No Luke!" She yelled, before she could get away I wrap myself around her, kissing all over her face and I could hear her groan. "I hate you Lucas" she mumbled, I laughed and smiled, "no you don't" I said, kissing her lips as she kissed back for a second before I pull away. "How do you know that I don't hate you" she said and raised an eyebrow at me, "oh come on princess" I said, nuzzling my head in her neck a bit, my sweaty hair on her as she tried to push me away, "stop" I whine a bit, "let me show you affection" I said softly as she laughs. I hum softly once she stopped pushing me away, "I love you" I said out loud. I felt her body tense up as she looked down at me, my eyes shooting open once I realized what had just come out of my mouth. God damnit Hemmings.

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