That concert

It was just an ordinary concert until he saw her. He needed her, it wasn't just a girl he saw in the crowd who he thought was hot.. She was something different, something he knew was better and he wanted her.


12. Come home with me?

*Lukes POV*

I had my arm tightly wrapped around her, my face buried in her neck as I slowly open my eyes, taking a deep breath as I lift my head and slowly looked around as I take in what just happened a few hours ago as it was now 10am. I rubbed my eyes and let my body fall back on the bed as I looked up at the ceiling a smile coming to my face as I looked over at Toula. Her body was under the sheets, limbs sprawled all over as her hair was put in a messy bun and a bit of hair had fallen out and my goodness she looked absolutely fucking beautiful. I slowly climbed on top of her but I made sure I didn't put all my weight on her as I began to kiss all over her face. I heard a little giggle and her small hand going to my chest, "Luke.." She mumbled still half asleep, "Yes my princess?" I asked softly and looked down at her, a smile still on my face as she slowly opened her eyes and looked at me. "Good morning my noodle boy" she said softly and giggled as I playfully pout, "I'm not a noodle boy" I whine as she wrapped her arms around me, hiding her face in my neck, "But good morning my babygirl" I said softly and kissed her head. Our bodies both naked as my chest was pressed to hers and my arms wrapped about her waist as I held her tightly to me. "I had an amazing morning so far" she said softly, "Thank you" she added and kissed my neck but not in a sexual way. "Anytime princess, I'm glad I could make you feel so good" I moved a hand down her back as I wrapped one of her legs around my waist as I placed my hand on the soft skin of her thigh. "Your so beautiful my love" I said softly and squeeze her thigh a bit as she smiled and i could tell she was blushing. "Thank you" she mumbled a bit and looked up at me. "God I'm so lucky" I mumbled softly as I looked down at her, admiring her as I was. She was like a goddess, so beautiful and I wonder how I got so damn lucky to have such a girl in my life. "I want to take you to meet my family when we have our break next week" I was looking down at her as I spoke seriously. "Luke.. What if they don't like me?" She asked and looked down. "Oh baby, who wouldn't like you? I promise they will love you just like I do, and my mom wants to finally meet you cause I talk about you so much" I said and rubbed her leg softly. "My brothers and dad are wanting to meet such a girl as well, they don't believe me when I talk about you" I said softly. She was biting her lip in thought.

I had already met her mom and brother before I took her on tour with me. That was the rule her mom set because she wanted to meet me. Her mom was an amazing lady and I thanked her so many times that night for giving me such a beautiful girl. Her brother on the other hand doesn't really enjoy me that much, he thinks I'm going to break his little sisters heart because I'm a famous rock star. I can see where he's coming from but I told him I would never dream of hurting her in such a away. He still didn't believe me and still doesn't like me that much. "Come on princess, I want to take you home with me" I said softly and nuzzle my face in her neck as she lightly began to play with my hair a little. "Okay.." She softly spoke as I looked up at her with excitement. "I can't wait my love" I kissed her lips softly, holding her close to my body. "I can't wait to bring you home"

*Im sorry this is kinda short, the next chapter will be better, I promise. I also never thanked you Guys for actually reading this story.. So THANK YOU SO MUCH!*

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