That concert

It was just an ordinary concert until he saw her. He needed her, it wasn't just a girl he saw in the crowd who he thought was hot.. She was something different, something he knew was better and he wanted her.


5. Butterflies

*Lukes POV*

I heard Ashton call my name as I didn't want to get up cause I was too lazy. "Who is it!" I called back. We were stuck on the highway, who would honestly come for me? I had butterflies in my stomach and I didn't know why as I can hear Ashton talking to someone. "Come over and look!" He yelled back as I bit my lip nervously. "I'm scared!" I called back as I hear a giggle. My eyes widen a bit as I got up from my bunk and ran over. There she was, beautiful as ever as she wore skinny jeans and black vans with some shirt she was wearing, probably from work. I was speechless non the less, I couldn't find the words to come out as I was shocked she even came back to see me. "Is this some sick joke? Or a dream?" I finally managed to say as Ashton shook his head. "I guess she found our tour bus when she was driving home from work" Ashton said as he let go of her hand. She was biting her perfect lip as she finally made eye contact with me; butterflies erupted in my stomach as I blushed a bit. 'Get your shit together Hemmings' I said to myself as I take a step closer to her. Ashton casually walked away as it was just her and I. "Um.. I can't believe you actually came back.." I was nervous as I scratched the back of my neck a bit. "Something was telling me that I couldn't say let you leave without me saying goodbye" she said softly and looked at me. She was still biting her lip as I chuckled a bit. 'Be honest with her! Tell her how you feel!' My inner self said to me as I play with my lip ring. "Come, sit" I said and lightly take her hand in mine as my heart race began to pick up. I sat down on the couch as she took a seat next to me. I take a deep breath as I closed my eyes, opening them as my attention was down at the floor, I was playing with a ring I was wearing as I was nervous. "I think I should be honest with you.. I don't know what it is but you make me go crazy, I get this feeling I've never gotten before and I get butterflies in my stomach when I'm with you. I think you're beautiful and you're a great girl.. I want to get to know you better, I want you in my crazy life" I spoke as I was looking at her for her to say something, but that was the thing, she didn't say anything, I felt her hand on my cheek as her lips connected with mine as I didn't know what the hell to do. It's not like I haven't kissed a girl before but I wasn't expecting this! 'Kiss her back you idiot!' My inner voice said as I did. I kissed her back as her lips fit perfectly with mine as I placed my hand lightly on her waist. I felt her pull away as her lips lingered on mine for a little bit longer as I looked at her, pressing my forehead lightly on hers. "I'm glad to hear that" she said softly, smiling. "Boys! The bus is fixed!" Cory yelled as I bit my lip. "I don't want you to go.. I can't let you go Toula.." I said as I pulled her into my chest as my arms wrapped around her tightly. "I know Luke, I don't want you to go either, but I promise you can always find me here" she said softly as she nuzzled her head in my neck. "I'll miss you princess" I spoke as I closed my eyes. I could hear my heart break slowly as I let her go. "I'll call you everyday, I'll text you everyday and I'll FaceTime you when I can" I said and placed my hands on her cheeks. "Alright.. Do me a favor yea?" She said as I nodded, "anything for you". "Go have fun and remember to always rock out" she smiled up at me as I chuckled a bit. "Alright princess" I said and kissed her head softly. "FaceTime me when you get home?" I asked as she nodded.

After a while she was gone as I was In my bunk, thinking to myself as a smile came to my face. "Wow.." I mumbled and grabbed my phone and went on Twitter. 'Today was a great day! Can't wait for more to come! :-)' I tweeted and set my phone down. It really was a great day.

*Toulas POV*

I was making the drive back home as I couldn't stop thinking about that risk I took. I kissed Luke Hemmings, any girl would dream of kissing Luke hemmings, but I did. I was scared he wouldn't even kiss me back but he did, he really did. About 30 minutes later I pulled into my driveway and get out as I walked inside, taking my shoes off and walked to the kitchen to grab something to eat. I got the notification that Luke tweeted as I smiled a bit. 'Hey, I'm home' I texted him just to let him know I'm safe. 'Alright princess, FaceTime me when you can' he sent back as I just decided to do it now. I set my phone up on the counter as I press call as I was walking around my kitchen. I looked over and smiled at my phone as he answered. "Hey" I simply said as it was dark on his end as he must be in his bunk. "Hi princess, what are you doing?" I could see his stuffed penguin on his chest as he was laying down. "Making food" it had to have been passed midnight but I was starving. "Aw, you should have told me! We have left over pizza" he said and nuzzled his face in his penguin, he was so cute it made me smile as I blushed a bit. "I'll have some next time" I took a bite out of my sandwich and grab some water. "I wish you were here with me, I want to cuddle with you" he pouted. "You have Pangey", "it's not that same though" he pouted more as I laughed a bit.

Once I was done eating I cleaned up and walked to my room and closed the door a bit. I set my phone on my bed as it was up on the wall. I walked to the bathroom and wash my face and changed into a shirt and some random shorts as I sit on my bed, putting my glasses on. I turn the light off as I grab my phone, Luke was smiling as I giggled a bit. "You're so adorable" he said softly and smiled a bit as I blushed. "Shut up, Luke!" I heard Mikey yell as I bit my lip. "They are all trying to sleep, I'll text you alright, princess" he said as I nodded. "Night love" he said and blew me a kiss as I smiled, "night" I said softly as he hung up.

Later that night it had to have been 2am as Luke was texting me but ended up falling asleep. I was still awake as I couldn't sleep and looked up at the dark ceiling, I had so much on my mind as I couldn't sleep right now. I take a deep breath and rub my face a bit, rolling over on my side as I closed my eyes, as I ended up falling asleep.

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