That concert

It was just an ordinary concert until he saw her. He needed her, it wasn't just a girl he saw in the crowd who he thought was hot.. She was something different, something he knew was better and he wanted her.


6. Be mine?

*Lukes POV*

I woke up the next morning and rub my eyes, taking a deep breath as I looked over to see my phone light up.  I looked at the time first as it was about 9am, I see a few Twitter notifications and a text message from Toula, it was from last night as I had fallen asleep. 'Hey princess, sorry I kinda fell asleep last night I was exhausted from the concert' I text her as I rolled over on my side, popping my head out of the curtain as the boys were still asleep. I went back in my bunk and went under the sheets, sighing softly. 'It's fine, I couldn't sleep last night though' Toula texted me back. A smile appears on my face as I bit my lip, playing with my lip ring. 'Why not babe?' I sent. I sit up as I was on the top bunk as Ashton was under me as I got down and ran my fingers through my hair a bit. I felt a pain in my heart as I sigh softly, I really did miss Toula. I didn't even know if we are dating or not, I want to date her so badly it sure as hell felt like we were dating but I wanted to make it official and I didn't know how to ask her when I would be in a whole different state. 

I heard Calum walk where I was as I was sitting at the small table by the windows. "I need help" I said and sigh softly as I set my phone down on the table. "With what?" He asked and yawns a bit. "How do you ask someone to be your girlfriend when you're in a different state?" I asked and ran my fingers through my hair a bit. Calum sat down and thought for a second, "I don't really know, I've never been in your situation mate, but you can do a lot really" he said and looked at me. I sigh softly and grab my phone as I called Toula, I had to talk to her and I had to ask her some how. "Hello?" Her voice  said into the phone, "hey princess, I have a question" I bit my lip and looked at calum. "Of course, what is it?" I take a deep breath, "so you know how we were talking on the bus before you left.. You know how I want you to be in my life? Well.. I can't let someone like you just slowly slip away from me and I know I could do better but would you want to be my girlfriend?" I asked as I put the phone on speaker, the other boys around me as they woke up. There was silence on the other end as I take a deep breath, "I would love to be your girlfriend" she said softly, I knew she was smiling as I felt my heart flutter. "I promise when I get back I'll take you on a date" I said and smiled. "Alright babe, I'm at work right now do you think I can call you later?" She said as I smiled, "of course" I said and then hung up. The boys crowd around me and cheer as they hugged me, "Hemmings has a girlfriend!" They all said as I blushed a bit and smiled to myself. "I have a girlfriend.." I mumbled lightly to myself. 

*Toulas POV* 

I was at work as it got busy, I worked at Starbucks about a few miles away from my house, there was closer but I kinda liked the drive. "Toula! We need help!" Amy yelled a me as I was working register, Mia took my place as I went to help make drinks. A few hours later the rush was over as my shift was soon over, "I'll see you guys tomorrow" I said and smiled, "you're not scheduled for tomorrow" Amy said as I nodded, walking out to my car and get in as I check my phone. Twitter was blowing up with pictures of me and Luke and how we were dating already, "that was fast" I mumbled to myself and see he texted me. 'Hey princess! I know you're at work but I wanted to know what you're doing this weekend?' I thought for a moment as the weekend was about 2 days away, I didn't have work and I didn't know if I had anything planned yet. 'Probably nothing, why?' I text back as I start my car and pulled out, making the drive home. I played music as I sing along to the songs and keep my eyes on the rode as my phone was on the passenger side on the seat as I drove. Once I get home I see no one is home yet as I get out and grab my stuff, walking inside. My mom had gone to work and of course my brother was in college, it was summer vacation but he took summer classes as well. 'Just  wondering, we have about 3 days off that's why' I see that Luke texted me. I smiled a bit and set my phone down before walking to my room so I could change and take a shower. 

It was about 10pm and Luke and I were on skype, he was sitting in his bunk with Pangey on his lap as he was telling me about his day. "Wait wait, so calum actually did that?" I asked as he nodded, "I didn't think he would do that either babe" he said as he ran his fingers through his hair. "I miss you princess" He pouted and puts his face closer to the camera, "see, this is how much I miss you" he said and kept pouting as I giggled a bit. "You're so cute" I said softly and smiled. "I'm not trying to be cute" he simple said, putting his eye close to the lens, "My Lucas, what big eyes you have" I laughed as I could see him smile. He laughed and pulled away from the camera, "hm, babe?" He asked as I looked at him. "Yea?" , "well.. Since its summer for you right now and you don't have to say yes right away, but what do you think about coming on tour?" He asked. I could tell he was nervous as he looked down after he said it, playing with string. "I'll have to talk to my mom" I said softly and smiled as he picked his head up; nodding. "Thank you" he said and yawned a bit. "You should go to sleep, you seem tired" I said as he shook his head, "no, I want to talk to you" he said and laid down, putting the laptop on his chest as I smiled a bit more.

Hours later Luke was half asleep still talking to me as it had to have been 2:30am. "Luke, go to sleep, I promise I'll talk to you tomorrow" I said as he nodded, cuddling into Pangey. "Good night my princess" he said and closed his eyes. "Night" I said softly and hung up as I turn my laptop off, setting it down as I closed my eyes, falling asleep.

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