That concert

It was just an ordinary concert until he saw her. He needed her, it wasn't just a girl he saw in the crowd who he thought was hot.. She was something different, something he knew was better and he wanted her.


13. Aussie Aussie

*Lukes POV*

It has been a week so far and today I bring Toula back to Australia and I could tell she was really nervous. I walked up behind her as we were all at the airport and she was looking out the window and watching all the planes taking off and landing. "Hey princess" I said softly, my arms wrapping around her waist and kissed her cheek. "Relax my love, I promise everything will be okay and mom is already super excited to meet you" I said softly as she nodded. She wasn't saying much and that's how I knew she was nervous. I kept my arms wrapped around her and smiled a bit. Our flight was called shortly after and she picked up her carry on bag and we all walked on to the plane. It was a long flight as I took the window seat and she sat between Ashton and myself. She placed her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes, lacing our fingers together as she held her hand tightly in mine. I kissed the top of her head and looked out the window as the plane finally took off.

After a long flight i looked down at my shoulder as Toula had fallen asleep about 2 times and I kissed her head softly. "Princess we are here" I said softly as the plane landed and she opened her eyes, rubbing them and looked around a bit her bright green eyes meeting mine as I smiled a bit. She looked out the window and bit her lip softly as we all got off the plane, some fans were here at the airport as I took pictures with a few of them as Toula was talking to Ashton as they waited for their bags.

*Ashtons POV*

"What if they don't like me Ash.. What am I going to do?" She asked me. You could see the frustration in her face and the way she held herself. She wasn't her happy self and you could tell she was more than just nervous. "Hey, I promise they will love you just like the boys and I do, you have nothing to worry about" I said and brought her into a hug and sigh softly as I looked over at Luke as he walked over with the rest of the boys. Once Toula pulled away she grabbed her suitcase and grabbed Lukes as I watched her. "You'll be fine, I promise" I whisper softly in her ear and kissed her cheek. The boys and I all hugged as we went our separate ways.

*Toulas POV*

I held onto Lukes hand so tight I'm surprised he didn't pull away. His mom was picking us up at the airport and I kept my attention down at my feet as we walked. "Luke!" I heard a woman's voice yell as I looked up and there stood Lukes mom, a big smile on her face as we reached her, her arms going around him and hugging him tightly. "I missed you so much" she said softly to him, "I missed you too mum" he had let go of my hand to give her a proper hug as I kinda stood there not knowing what to do. "You must be Toula, I'm Liz" she said and literally pushed Luke a bit to the side and hugged me tightly as I hugged her back. "Luke has said such nice things about you and you are more beautiful in person then in pictures" she said and smiled down at me. "It's nice to meet you finally" I said softly and smiled, maybe this won't be so bad really.

On the drive to Lukes house his mom and I really got along and began talking to one another. "I have 3 boys and you're like a daughter I never had" she smiled at me as I blushed a bit. We pulled up to his house as I hear a bark and a dog come out from the backyard, "That's Molly" Luke said and got out of the car to greet her. I got out and grabbed our bags as I heard the front door open and out came 3 other people. "You must be Toula! We are all so exited to meet you, im Andrew, these our my sons Ben and Jack" his dad said and smiled. "It nice to meet you all" I said and went to grab another bag but Jack stopped me, "no, we got this" he said and smiled as I nodded and let him. I've only known them for such a short period of time and I'm like already part of the Hemmings family.

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