That concert

It was just an ordinary concert until he saw her. He needed her, it wasn't just a girl he saw in the crowd who he thought was hot.. She was something different, something he knew was better and he wanted her.


4. Another chance

*Lukes POV*

I can't believe she didn't come, I didn't know how to feel right now, was I hurt? Yea. Was I upset? Hell yea I was.. But most of all I could feel this pain in my chest like someone ripped my heart out. I was never going to see her again unless something magically happens. "It's alright mate, you can always talk to her" Ashton said as I just looked at him. "You don't know the half of it.. I don't know what it is about this girl Ash.. She's different you know?" He looked at me and nodded. "Ive never seen you like this before, I'm happy you finally found someone you truly care about" he smiled and pats my shoulder as we were currently loading up the bus. Once we were done, I checked my phone to see if she had said anything and she didn't. The pain came back into my chest as I take a deep breath and just put my phone back into my pocket. "I wish the bus would breakdown or something.." I mumbled and walked to my bunk, closing the curtain.

*Toulas POV*

I felt terrible for missing the concert, but it's not like I had tickets anyway.. I knew that was basically my only chance of ever seeing him again and I completely blew it. I got into my car after locking up and sigh softly. Music was playing through the speakers as it was a 5 seconds of summer song as I began to sing along. Traffic began to pile up as I slow my driving down and looked around as I was still singing. I see police cars around a big object in the other lane going the opposite direction, I looked over as I see a familiar logo and my eyes widen. I was stuck in traffic as I went to Twitter, 'did your bus break down?' I asked Luke, waiting for a reply. 'Yea.. It's been like this for a while, why?' It was almost immediately when he responded. 'I'm in the other lane going the opposite direction' I sent. I waited for a reply as I get nothing back. Cars began to move faster as I can feel the opportunity slipping from my finger tips as I began to drive. I take a deep breath as I knew I would never see him again, it was a lost hope, I got my hopes too high and it was biting me in the ass.

*Lukes POV*

I wasn't by my phone anymore as it was charging as it died. "When the hell is this going to get fixed.." Michael said as he was pacing back and forth. "Calm down Mikey, it will get fixed" Calum said as I walked over to my phone to check it. I open the message from Toula as my eyes widen a bit, but then I realized it was set about 20 minutes ago, she had to have been at least 3 miles up the ride as I groaned lightly and rub my face. "Why does this have to happen to me.." I mumbled a bit and sit on my bunk. I hear a commotion outside the bus as I sigh softly and didn't even bother to look out the window. On the other hand the other boys walked over to look as Ashton ran out.

*Ashtons POV*

"Hey! Cory!, let her through" I said as Toula looked at me, smiling a bit. "You know her?" He asked causally, his big arms crossed over his chest. Cory was a scary looking guy but he was probably the biggest softie ever. "Yea.. She's a friend of ours" I lied. I had talked to her but I was doing this because I didn't want to see Luke so miserable anymore. You can see his blue eyes turn to gray everytime something didn't go the way he planned out it would in his head. Cory let her through as I take her hand. "Luke won't shut up about you, he's crazy about you" I said as I could see her cheeks turn red. "Are you ready to go in?" I asked. She nodded a bit as she took a deep breath. "Luke! Someone's here for you!" I yelled, I couldn't wait to see the smile on his face when he came over.

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