Save you Tonight ✨👣(Liam Payne)

This is about 2 girls that love 1D but something happens!!

Read to find out.


6. True Love❤️✨😍👑💍

"Sirena can u come in the living area please!" Liam exclaimed.

"Yea I'll be right there." I yelled back.

I walked down the stairs to the living area with Liam in a suit and he came up to me and he looked me straight in my eyes and said:

"Sirena I've known u for 15 days and it's been amazing and I can't get over how good u look every time I see u. I need to have u around all the time and u just make me feel better when I'm all upset and when I push everyone away u r always there to help me. Sirena can I have the honor of being your boyfriend??" Liam explained.

I started to tear up while he said that and when he finished i was all in tears. I looked at Liam and said:

"Liam I love u so much ever since I've seen u on X factor I've loved u. I always needed to meet u and when I first met u at the concert I knew that u were amazing. I love you Liam. I would love to be your girlfriend!!"

Liam then pulled me into a hug. I love him I was truly madly deeply in love with him. And he was truly madly deeply in love with me. I love Liam and I will never stop loving him until I die. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him forever and ever.

"Sirena can I tell u something." Liam said confused.

"Yea " I answered

"Do u love me for fame or for me??" He questioned with a sad face while I laid on his chest.

"Liam I love u for u and nothing else. I don't love u for money I don't love u for your fans or your friends. I love u and u only and if that's enough I don't know what is!!" I exclaimed as I got up and looked at Liam's face and he was all sad.

"Liam all I gotta say is that look up and remember everything that's happening now not what happened then!!" I quoted myself from a while ago.

Then a Liam looked straight at my face and kissed me. It was just perfect. I love Liam and I always will. But I swear if something happens I'm not doing anything or going back to him. I will go on with my singing career but I won't sing about my ex boyfriends like other singers do sometimes.

What will me and Liam find out next??

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