Save you Tonight ✨👣(Liam Payne)

This is about 2 girls that love 1D but something happens!!

Read to find out.


5. New Beginning 😍✌️🔜

It was a new beginning for Me and Amber we have new friends that are famous and we do get judged even more then we did and we even get adults saying congrats on ur new boyfriend. Like wtf.

Anyways me and amber were going to the one direction concert in New York today. We were gonna stay backstage and wait but they decided to bring us on stage and I mean it they really did it. But this is what they had us do.

"Hello everybody how is everybody tonight??" Liam asked into the microphone.

"Oh ok then." Niall said.

"Well we're gonna play a little game and it's called who likes who? Or who knows that girl the best? It's basically a game that two girls sit behind these curtains and they will have their voices disguised and they will ask us describe your dream girl and other question like that sort of. Ok are u guys ready??" Harry explained.

The crowd roared and we got prepared for the game. We had to ask such stupid questions.

"Ok Girl #1 please go." Louis said.

"What does your dream girl look like?" I asked.

"Well she has medium length I would say brown hair all natural. Hazel eyes with some gold inside of them. Beautiful smile. In general she's very tall and sexy!!" Liam exclaimed.

"My girl is pretty has natural colored hair and she has hazel eyes. She had a gorgeous smile but her braces make her shine even more. She has that go to sense of humor and she always plays with ur mind and makes jokes. She's just beautiful in all the ways I can explain." Harry responded.

"She just needs to be beautiful on the inside she needs to have a sense of humor. She had braces and she hot and she has such a wonderful smile it's not even funny. But when those braces come off she will be as cute as a button. Even though she already is. Um she's just s sexy little body figure that I would love to have." Niall explained.

"She will have to have that smile that catches your eye. Those eyes that make u melt and that body that makes you sweat. I just want a girl that loves me for me and her for her. She has beautiful purple hair and she has her ears pierced and her nose. She may not look attractive but she is attractive to me." Louis explained.

Harry Liam and Niall were talking about me and Louis was talking about Amber. I was so flattered by everything they said. Now Amber's question.

"What if you find a girl that's a fan of u? Would it be a bonus or just a really bad thing?" Amber asked.

"It would be a bonus for me cause then she would know every single song." Harry responded.

"Bonus!!" Liam exclaimed while dancing.

"Bonus." Niall screamed.

"Either one would be fine." Louis said.

We asked two more questions each.

My two questions :

"What is my favorite color??"

"What is my favorite song by you??"


"Blue" Liam said.

"Blue." Harry said.

"Green." Niall said.

"Green." Louis said.


"Summer Love." Liam yelled.

"Best Song Ever." Niall shouted.

"You & I" Harry said.

"Rock Me!" Louis exclaimed.

For Ambers two questions.

"Who's my favorite member of 5SOS??"

"What my favorite thing to do??"


"Calum Hood." Liam said.

"Calum Hood." Harry said.

"Michael Clifford." Louis said.

"Ashton Irwin." Niall said.


"Watch movies with your bestie."Liam explained.

"Listen to music with your best mate/sister." Harry said.

"Sleepover and swim with you best friend at her house." Niall politely said.

"Party with your kind of people." Louis said.

For my questions the winner for most of them was Liam and Niall.

For Amber's questions it was Harry.

So we came out and we actually picked who won. We ran to our winners.

Ambers winner was Harry. My winner was either Liam or Niall. I couldn't choose so I didn't pick until I remembered the answers. So I picked Liam and I ran to him and they were standing up so I jumped on him and he was so happy.

We stood there hugging for a good 5 minutes. Then we let go and we went down under the stage after they said goodbye to the crowd.

What will happen for our new beginning??

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