Save you Tonight ✨👣(Liam Payne)

This is about 2 girls that love 1D but something happens!!

Read to find out.


4. Mugged😩🔫

Me and Amber were walking way behind my mom and my uncle and when we almost got to the car we got mugged.

Two guys came up to us and said give me everything u got. They took $20 bucks I had left and then they took ambers $15 bucks she had left from the concert and they even took our teddy bear that we got too.

We walked into the car crying and my uncle and my mom said OMG what happened where's ur teddy bear. Then we told the just like this.

"W-we just g-g-got mugged before we came in the car. They t-took our money we had left and they took our teddy bear from t-today."we cried out.

"OMG guys well maybe u can tell the guys that band they can get u s new one." My mom explained calmly while hugging us.

Then we went home me and amber slept over my house and we stayed up and out the guys numbers in and then I text Liam.

'Hey can I tell u something that happened to us after the concert tonight??'

He answered after like 3 minutes.

'Sirena omg what happened??'

'Well me and amber got mugged they took our money we had left and they took our teddy bear that we got from the concert today to. We're so upset Liam please help!!'

'Omg I'm gonna come over right now we don't have a concert till 7:00 tomorrow night anyways it's only 12:00 now so I'm coming over right now where do u live??'

I told him where I lived and he came over. My mom answered the door and pointed to my room door. Only Liam and Niall came up. I'm telling u I loved them both but Liam is so sexy.

"Sirena r u okay?? I'm so sorry that happened to u two. I have a present for u guys though. We got u teddy bears!!" Liam yelled.

Amber jumped up and down and I looked at Liam and squeezed him tightly. Then amber squeezed Niall. I was so happy that he got us that but I already had a teddy bear.

"But I thought I already had a teddy bear?!" I said with sad eyes.

"Oh sorry I thought it would make u feel bett.........." Liam was cut off by me saying.

"You!!" While I looked at Liam and smiled.

Then Liam body slammed me on my bed and he hugged me and giggled and tickled me.

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