Save you Tonight ✨👣(Liam Payne)

This is about 2 girls that love 1D but something happens!!

Read to find out.


1. Introducing😝✌️✨

Hi my name is Sirena. I am a girl that has asthma and I actually walk to all the places that are close to my house. I mean I live with my parents but they are always out or at work. So I just walk everywhere. People don't like me that call me a liar and everything. But I just shrug it off. Cause if they don't like me they don't like me oh well. Anyways lets get the story of how I love one direction.

I've started to like them ever since 2010 when they were on X Factor. I loved them so much I just had to meet them. So in 2014 in August on the 4th I got tickets from my godfather that works at MetLife stadium and I saw them in concert. But I didn't meet them I wasn't even close to them. Well I'm gonna get to my story now!!

It was August 3rd and I was going to the store to get my pants for the one direction concert tomorrow. Well I was going with my mom and my uncle and my best friend Amber. We all love one direction but Amber was going for 5SOS. Anyways as I was walking I saw a car parked outside of Barnes and nobles and reminding u it was 1:00 in the morning and I was walking to my friends house and then we were going to the store. So I called her up and told her I'll be at her house in like 15 minutes. I went to Barnes and nobles and it said on the door Connor Franta book signing @2:00 August 4th. I was so happy but I had to go to the store. So I decided to ditch it and just go to my friends house and then we c an go to the store and get our stuff for the concert. I needed to get my pants and my shoes for the concert cause I already had my shirt I was wearing and so did Amber.

My outfit is black skinny jeans with tips at the knees with a white tank top that had black little specs all over it and says 'this is my backstage pass' and white converse.

Ambers outfit was the same thing but instead she had black normal vans and a perry the platypus tank top on with it course the black skinny jeans with the tips at the knees.

My mom black shorts and a gray tank top with white flip flops on. My uncle black shirt with camp pants and black shoes.

So we had our outfits ready we just had to wait for the day to come. Well let's get to the store and I'll be back!!

What will happen after the concert??

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