Save you Tonight ✨👣(Liam Payne)

This is about 2 girls that love 1D but something happens!!

Read to find out.


2. Concert Time😝✌️

It was the day August 4,2014 my one direction concert experience tonight. I was so prepared. I was going to leave for the concert at 10:00. Even though the gates don't open until 5:00 I was still going to go at 10 to be the first ones there. Well it was us and 3 other girls standing there waiting. So the guy felt bad so he just decided give me your tickets and go in and when I saw who it was it was my godfather. So me Amber my mom and my uncle and the other 3 girls go in first. We got to do whatever we wanted. We got all of our merchandise and then we got all of our drinks and stuff and we got ready so my mom andy uncle were staying in the box and me and Amber were going downstairs so that we could take pictures before anyone got there.

But when we went to the floor level I almost died. I took a selfie with Amber and after I looked at it Liam Payne photobombed it and he was right behind us. I was so shocked and then when we turned around I almost passed out but I was all good.

"Hey lov lets how r u?"Liam asked.

"Hi" I said nervously. "I'm good Hbu!!"

"I'm good so pumped for tonight and what's ur names?!"

"I'm Sirena!!"

"I'm Amber!!"

"Sirena and Amber I love those names. Especially Sirena cause I have never heard that name before. I hope you guys enjoy the show tonight and I hope to see u two very soon!!"Liam gave us hugs and we then went our separate ways. Amber and I took selfies with Liam and I actually kissed him. And I mean I kissed him!! I almost fainted but I didn't now I'm chill until I meet Harry then I'm gonna die.

Well the concert started @7 and it was already 5:30 so everybody was coming in so fast. I was so happy we got in earlier to get our stuff and actually meet Liam by accident anyways.

Now this is a good time to say it.

While we were talking to Liam we asked if he could mention us tonight on stage and actually bring us on stage. He said that he will think about it but he won't warn us so we have to stay as pretty as possible. I didn't wanna sound desperate so Amber asked and he said maybe I'll surprise u guys!!

The concert started and Harry was about to say something before they sang what makes you beautiful and Liam interrupted

"Actually Harry before we do sing I wanna bring 2 girls up on stage that I met at sound heck today and they were taking selfies in front of the stage!!"

"Liam really every single girl here wants to come on stage." Harry said.

"No these girls didn't know I was gonna do this."

"Oh ok then bring them up if u saw them today!!" Harry said with air quotes.

"Well u two girls know who u r come on down and come on stage!!" Liam yelled and we were on the floor already and we went to the security guards and they wouldn't let us go by and Liam told them that we were the girls.

Me and Amber walked on stage and we actually were so scared cause this was the first time we were very gonna be on stage with our favorite band. Well my favorite band anyways. When we got on stage every single person in the crowd screamed. I almost died.

"Well girls are you surprised I did this. I mean u must be cause u didn't know!!" Liam laughed into his microphone.

"Why did u decide to bring us up." I asked lip saying it.

"Because u guys are fans and u r very nice and ur actually very pretty." Liam explained to me.

"Well r u gonna flirt with her or are we gonna sing!!" Louis said.

"Srry 1.....2....1...2.......3....4"

They started singing. Liam looked at me and sang

"Your insecure don't know what for

Your turning heads when u walk through the dorrrr

Don't need make up

To cover up

Being the way that you are is enough" he smiled and walked away.

Then Harry's part came up and I almost died

"Baby you light up my world like nobody else

The way that u flip ur hair gets me overwhelmed

But when u smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell

You don't know

You don't know ur beautiful"

They finished the song and then they pulled me and amber to center stage and they asked us questions.

"Do u guys know ever single song by us??" Niall asked.

"Yes we do!!" Me and amber said simultaneously.

"Prove it" Harry growled.

"What makes you beautiful

One thing

Gotta be you

I want

I wish



Midnight memories


You and I

Best song ever


Steal my girl

Night changes

Story of my life

U want us to keep going cause we will be here for a while." We said.

"No I think we got it!! So we have it MetLife!!" Niall yelled.

"This next song is called Don't forget where you belong." Louis said.

They sang the song and what happens next is so amazing.

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