Dangers of Hide-n-Hunt

Teaching Jennifer how to avoid being captured by an enemy was the purpose of the simple training session. But when was anything simple involving Jennifer Keller. When unforeseen forces come into play, it will take all Ronon has to get back what is rightfully his.


8. Chapter 8

A young man in his early 20's stood just off to the side of them smiling like the Cheshire cat – bobbing his head, looking back and forth between the two of them. He had his hands in the pockets of his faded jeans and the black sleeveless Def Leppard t-shirt fit him like a glove. His alligator-skin boots added nearly two inches to his already six foot muscular frame. Jennifer got the feeling that he might not have the height like his cousin to be intimidating but being in a fight together they would be evenly matched. His short blonde hair was spiked up, nearly an exact copy of John Sheppard's hair style – messed up. A tiny silver skull shaped earring dangled from his left ear. Removing his Ray-Ban sunglasses and hanging them from the neck of his shirt, he looked her up and down. Jen noticed that he had the same colored eyes – another shiver crawled down her back.

"So cousin are you going to introduce us?"

Without waiting for Drakari's reply, the young man took Jennifer's hand and spoke, "Allow me to introduce myself fair maiden. I am Shayd - descendant of the Blood Creed Clan." He raised her hand to his lips and softly kissed it, "At your service, m'lady!" She jerked her hand from his as if burnt because the last part was spoken seductively - too seductively!

"Hmmmm…..I see that you've unfortunately met my cousin – Drakari – here first." Turning his attention to his relative he stated, "Scared the shit out of her, did ya!"

"Why are you here?!" Drakari growled.

Tearing his gaze from the woman the young man exclaimed as if suddenly remembering, "Oh yes!" Shayd clasped his hand on Drakari's shoulder. "I have an urgent message from King Keston!"

Drakari just stared at his cousin who was grinning at him. "Well! What the fuck is it?!"

"Language Drake. A lady is present!" He nodded toward Jennifer.

"Shayd!" He growled. Letting go of Jennifer's arm Drakari took a step towards his younger cousin – who took a step back holding up his hands.

"Very well! King Keston states get his daughter back and like right now or...how did he put it?" Shayd tapped a well-manicured finger on his chin then snapped his fingers. "Oh yes, your ass is his - whatever the hell that means!" Shayd smirked.

"I thought you were supposed to be at your handfasting?"

"Oh yes about that," Shayd laughed "Did you know that when the mother of the bride finds her soon to be son-in-law in bed with a servant or two or four….ummm.…the handfasting can be immediately called off!" Shayd nodded; smiling excitedly. The young alien whispered to Jennifer, "Arranged marriages can be such a bitch to get out of!"

Drakari closed his eyes and seemed to be controlling his temper by breathing in / breathing out. Jennifer imagined he was silently counting to 10 - or whatever number these beings count to. With his eyes shut and him not holding onto her any more, Jennifer made a break for it. She ran toward the portal only to slam into it and recoil back landing on the ground - hard!

Shayd "tsked" and walked over to her. He crouched down next to her and grimaced. "Oh! That had got to hurt!"

Jennifer groaned and Shayd helped her into a sitting position. She scooted away from him immediately because of those freakish eyes. At her reaction to him, he smiled and closed his eyes. When he opened them again they were a rich coffee color. Amazing!

"Better?" he smiled warmly.

Jennifer looked at her kidnapper. "Oh he can do it too, but won't." The young cousin looked over his shoulder at Drakari then turned back to Jennifer and whispered, "He wants to be all tough guy and shit!"

Shayd helped her up. Jennifer liked him better than the broody Drakari. "I want to leave", she said.

"Alas dear one, I cannot take you back to your realm for I was not the one that brought you here." Jennifer peeked around Shayd - who's back was to Darkari - only to see him staring stone-faced at her. His arms crossed over his chest, the necklace wrapped around one strong hand. Shayd continued, "You, my dear, are in the Shadow Realm. Where you are not supposed to be?!"

Turning to look at Drake he finished, "The King is going to have your balls in a jar for this one cuz! Favored or not!"

Shayd furrowed his brow. "Hey! Is that grandmother's binding jewel? Why do you have it?"

With a shocked look at Drakari he asked, "Did you give it to her?!", pointing to Jennifer.

"NO!" Both said in unison.

"Oh thank the gods! You know humans and demons can't mix!"

"Well," he shrugged, "there's a few but it takes a lot of work!"

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