Dangers of Hide-n-Hunt

Teaching Jennifer how to avoid being captured by an enemy was the purpose of the simple training session. But when was anything simple involving Jennifer Keller. When unforeseen forces come into play, it will take all Ronon has to get back what is rightfully his.


7. Chapter 7

Once through the portal, Drakari dropped the woman unceremoniously to the ground as if she were nothing but a toy that he had grown tired of. Jennifer collapsed onto her hands and knees at his feet - gasping for air and coughing. If he had not let go when he did, she was certain that she would have passed out or worse.

Drawing air into her lungs, she gingerly rubbed her throat with her hand. Without seeing, she knew her neck was bruised – in a couple of days the evidence would show black and blue. Sitting with her legs tucked underneath her, she looked up at the stranger who was staring down at her. Jennifer shuddered at those red eyes and thought "Dead Man Walking"! Ronon was so going to kill him - no doubt whatsoever!

She glanced over at the portal to her right - which was a few yards away. It seemed to be an invisible barrier of some sort. Jennifer could see out but apparently Ronon could not see in. If she could just get close enough, she could possibly make a run for it and get through to the other side. With the woman kneeling at his feet, Drakari followed her gaze.

The large male that he had scented earlier stood back several feet from the stone and fired his weapon to try and gain entry. Jennifer turned her head from the blast. Drakari just smirked at the man's attempts. The portal just absorbed the energy blast.

"Your male seems determined", he spoke in a rich gravelly voice. He arched his brow when Ronon slammed his shoulder into the stone wall. Once – Twice – Fail!

Drakari looked back down at Jennifer who was watching Ronon's gallant efforts to gain access. When she looked up at him, Drakari saw hope and fear etched on her face. "You must be of great worth to him." He narrowed his eyes, "Hmmm….that might be to my advantage" he simply stated.

Jennifer stood up on shaky legs and backed away from him. She had to make it to the opening and escape. Jen looked around taking in her surroundings. It was as if she had never left the ruins. They were still there. The trees were still there. The birds, flowers, the sun, even the wind was blowing. Everything was the same except the tall stone that she could see through. Oh and of course a strange man with red eyes who'd kidnapped her - can't forget about him!

Glancing at the exit she saw Ronon talking on his mic. She could not hear at all. Her radio was silent and the barrier blocked all sounds from the other side. But whatever he was saying, he was very animate about it. Probably trying to explain to Sheppard that the CMO had been abducted by a red eyed alien and they both just vanished into a rock - yeah she bet that went over well!

Ronon turned, picked up her jacket and was leaving – running through the woods as fast as he could - back to the village!

"Ronon!" She yelled and stepped forward to chase after him. Drakari grabbed her arm, halting her efforts.

Jen fought her damnedest to pull free of his grip by pushing at his solid form with her free hand. He did not flinch. She asked in a hoarse voice, "Who are...you? Wh…What do…you want?!"

Ignoring her questions, he shook her hard to stop her struggling; so hard, in fact, that he made her teeth rattle. He then looked down at the pendent which was nestled in between the valley of her breasts – just barely peeking out from underneath her t-shirt. With his free hand, he hooked a finger around the delicate chain and dangled the pendant in front of her. Drakari's brows furrowed; his mouth was a thin line as he stared at the jewel. Suddenly he yanked on the fragile chain – it came from around her neck in a snap.

"Where did you get this woman?" he growled, holding the pendant in front of her face with one hand. "Be quick and wise with your answer or…..."

"…..or what cousin? You will frighten the poor girl to death?!" There was clapping. There was someone else with them. "Mission accomplished I'd say!" stated a voice which strangely had a slight European accent?! Pegasus Galaxy, Jen!

Drakari clinched his jaw, closed his eyes, breathed in deeply and then slowly exhaled. Jennifer cried out because his grip on her arm was becoming excruciatingly painful. He loosened his hold upon her a bit.

Drakari hung his head and mumbled, "Can today get any worse?"

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