Dangers of Hide-n-Hunt

Teaching Jennifer how to avoid being captured by an enemy was the purpose of the simple training session. But when was anything simple involving Jennifer Keller. When unforeseen forces come into play, it will take all Ronon has to get back what is rightfully his.


6. Chapter 6

Jennifer swallowed the lump of fear that was growing by the second in her throat. She slowly turned around to face whatever made that God awful noise. She kept her eyes closed as she turned in hopes that maybe it had just been her imagination - yeah right. Repeating over and over in her head "there's no such things as monsters! There's no such things as monsters - Jen's inner voice said two words: Pegasus Galaxy!" With every muscle in her body taunt with the fight or flight response - she was leaning more to the flight response side - she took a deep breath and opened her eyes!

Her eyes went wide and her mouth gaped open. For a split second she was in awe and then total terror settled in. What stood before her was a man nearly Ronon's height if not a couple inches taller and dressed in black leather from head to toe. His skin was deathly pale. A scar began just above his left brow and faintly trailed down his cheek for an inch or so.

At first the thought of Wraith came to mind but his hair was raven black which fell half way down his back and was streaked throughout with metallic blue hues. In the middle of his forehead were three vertical lines - which rather reminded her of Teal'c's tattoo. These marks were about an inch or so long and a hairs breath apart from each other. The middle line was a tad bit longer than the two on either side of it. But what caused the scream to start welling up inside her were his eyes. They were not blue, green, or brown but RED. They were a deep crimson color. No irises, pupils, or whites to them - just deep red orbs. Her brain had registered all these things in a span of seconds and concluded "If you're not going to fight or run then freakin' scream your fool head off girl!"- and so she did.

A blood curdling scream ripped from her lungs and echoed throughout the forest - she would have made the Scream Queen, Jamie Lee Curtis, very proud.

Jennifer was about to sprint off, when in a flash, his hand was about her throat - squeezing. Drakari sneered and hissed mere inches from her face, "Silence before you render me and everything on this damn planet deaf woman!"

Jennifer's hands gripped his wrist so that she could keep her balance. He had nearly lifted her up off the ground with his hold around her throat - she balanced herself on her tip-toes.

Ronon halted - his head jerking up in the direction of the scream.

"JENNIFER!" he yelled and sprinted off into the direction the cry had come from. He tapped his earpiece "Jennifer!" "JENNIFER come in dammit!"

He ran even harder through the forest - gun in hand. Cursing himself for letting her talk him into this shit! If anything happened to her - he quickly took that thought and buried it deep within himself. More than likely she screamed because of an insect or a spider had crawled across her boot. She had once told him that anything with the same number of eyes as legs was to be immediately terminated - it wasn't natural. He had reminded her that humans have two eyes and two legs. She had just stared at him matter of factually and stated "So totally not the same thing, dude!"

"Jennifer! Jen can you hear me?!" "Dammit answer me!"

The red-eyed monster still had her by the throat staring at her. Letting go of his wrist with one hand, she tapped her mic.

"RONON!", she replied in a strangled voice.

When he broke through the treeline having followed her trail, he saw Jennifer nearly being suspended from the ground by what looked like a black haired Wraith. He aimed his gun - which was set to kill - at the thing but didn't dare shoot in case the reflex of the creature would snap Jennifer's neck or that by some off chance he might hit her.

The creature looked at him through red eyes - Jen looked at him through terrified ones. With two long strides and still holding Jen by the throat, they both disappeared into the tall stone rock face.

Not but mere seconds later, Ronon slammed into the rock - completely solid rock! Fuck!

JENNIFER! he yelled! Slamming his fists hard onto the slab of stone. Thinking there might be a hidden switch or button to open what ever doorway they went through.

He repeatedly tapped his ear piece...Jen! Jen, can you hear me?!

Nothing from the radio. Not even static.

She was gone!

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