Dangers of Hide-n-Hunt

Teaching Jennifer how to avoid being captured by an enemy was the purpose of the simple training session. But when was anything simple involving Jennifer Keller. When unforeseen forces come into play, it will take all Ronon has to get back what is rightfully his.


5. Chapter 5

Drakari stood just within the shadow-way of the stone portal which separated the Out-World from that of the Shadow Realm. He waited patiently. His mouth twitched and he gave a little snort. Patiently waiting indeed! That most certainly was not a virtue of Drakari's. Truth be told he did not have any virtues what so ever. His brows knitted together and he slightly tilted his head in thought - unless one counted his enjoyment of killing. That really was not any sort of virtue but more of a talent. He grinned - a natural talent in which he excelled at.

Drakari was not evil per se, he had kept to himself for many centuries - he just did not know how to play well with others anymore. That was until he wandered into Selena's world and now he awaited the village girl's arrival.

The ruins were their secret rendezvous place. It was forbidden for any clan from his realm to be involved with an Out-Worlder, but he did not care. Drakari was from the Blood Creed Clan which was one of the most ancient orders in the Shadow Kingdom. His family was one of the few last remaining pure bloods - he would do as he wished and be damned to whoever stood in his way! Besides it did not hurt that he was the King's favorite.

He had been sent on a mission to retrieve his King's wayward daughter. It had somehow slipped the little chit's mind that she was to be married to a powerful Warlord Demon so that an alliance would be gained. Drakari was the King's best Shadow Guard so it fell upon him to bring her back before a war erupted. This certain out-world portal was where the princess's trail ended. She was here nearby he was sure of it.

When he first got to this world a fortnight ago, he was trying to pick up some sort of trail left by the princess. Instead he came upon a young woman picking berries in a nearby thicket and humming to herself. Her hair was the color of flames and the unruly curls cascaded down her back. She would angrily brush the tresses out of her face with the back of her hand just to have the breeze blow them right back again! He could see from where he stood just a few yards away that she had a pert little nose, high cheekbones and a mouth stained red from the dew berries she ate. How he wanted to taste those lips!

He clenched his jaw tight and mentally kicked himself. What the hell was he doing by all the gods! All he had to do was find the princess, return her to her father and then get back to his solitary life.

Then Selena looked his way - and he was lost!

He was transfixed. Violet eyes looked his way. He quickly lowered his gaze and turned to leave. Drakari had forgotten that he was not in the Shadow realm and that out-wolders were off limits. She had called out to him to stop and before he knew it a delicate hand had grabbed his coat from behind - stopping him in his tracks...

Drakari's rambling thoughts were brought to a screeching halt and back to the present when a female stumbled out from the forest. It was not his Selena.

This woman was not one of the inhabitants of the planet. She wore strange clothing - not the hand spun dresses the village women wore. She was dressed in men's clothing - very puzzling.

She came into view where Drakari was standing. She could not see him for the portal acted like a two-way mirror - he could see her but she could not see him.

A dark brow arched up when the woman, after taking off her jacket, lifted her shirt to her face exposing a good deal of her flat narrow waist.

His eyes narrowed.

Drakari watched as she explored the ancient temple. This woman was small but carried herself with purpose. There was an authority about her. Her hair was the color of the sun and her eyes that of a cloudless sky. She was well trimmed; very fit. The thin top she wore clung suggestively to her breasts and the pants showed off well rounded hips.

She was coming closer to the opening where he stood. She could not see him unless he allowed it. He raised his head slightly and sniffed the air. He tensed. Every muscle tightening. The breeze brought her scent along with another - a male. She was a woman claimed. Drakari looked around but saw no one. Where was her male and why had he left her unguarded? She now stood only a couple of feet from the portal with her back to him.

He stared intently at her. She must have felt his gaze upon her because she stiffened and turned around trying to see if anyone was there.

When her back was to him again he came forth from the portal. Just standing less than a foot from her he was about to make himself known when he saw it. The delicate golden chain that held a pendant that he had given Selena on their last meeting - just a week ago.

A low primal growl rumbled in his chest.

Where was his Selena and how did this bitch get possession of her necklace?!

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