Dangers of Hide-n-Hunt

Teaching Jennifer how to avoid being captured by an enemy was the purpose of the simple training session. But when was anything simple involving Jennifer Keller. When unforeseen forces come into play, it will take all Ronon has to get back what is rightfully his.


16. Chapter 16

Leaving Drakari lying on the ground, Ronon made his way back to Jennifer and the team. His hand hurt like hell and he probably broke a bone or two slamming it into the asshole's jaw – but it was well worth it. Jennifer was standing between John and Teyla. When he held his arms open, she thankfully fell into his protective embrace – a sob catching in her throat. She fisted her hands in the material at his back, buried her face in his chest and held him tight as if the devil himself was after her. She was trembling. A low rumble emanated from deep within his chest as he looked over his shoulder to scowl at Drakari who was now on his feet.

He turned his attention back to Jen. He cradled the back of her head with his good hand and dipped his head close to her ear.

"Ssshhhhhhh" he crooned softly.

"You're safe now! Ssshhhhhhh"

Jennifer whispered something. She had said the word so softly that he asked her to repeat it. He could had sworn she'd said Demon.

"I was so frightened!" she stated looking up at him.

"Your safe now, he will never touch you again!"

She shook her head. "Not for myself, but I was afraid for you! When you went back and started hitting him!" tears rolled down her cheeks.

He looked down at her with a puzzled expression.

"He's….He is a….." What she was about to say had her second guessing herself. Would they even believe her?!

"He is what Jennifer?" Teyla enquired.

"He's a…a demon! He's from another realm!"

Ronon turned his head watching this creature with renewed interest.

Moving his jaw from side to side Drakari stood glaring at Ronon. He was more humiliated than injured by the pummeling he just received. A seasoned Shadow Guard was taken to task by this simple savage warrior. Not taking his eyes off of Ronon, he spat blood on the ground. Drakari took several determined strides toward the Satedan; his claws growing out from his fingers on both hands. He had not been in a good one-on-one fight in a long time! Even though it will be short lived, he will enjoy cleaving Ronon's head from his shoulders – literally!


Selena and her parents were off to the side having a very heated argument.

"We are going home. Now!" Ariana stated and grabbed her daughters arm.

Selena shrugged out of the grip and stood firm. "I am staying. I have to see if Drakari is okay!" She still did not understand how the man she loved was standing after a knife had been sticking out of his chest.

Her mother gave a short laugh, "Child he is just fine. Now let's go!"

"Mother, no!" the young woman shouted at the older one.

Infuriated Ariana said, "Trudon, talk some sense into your daughter!"

"Selena sweetheart" he began but was cut short by his daughter's determined look on her face.

"Don't start with the sweetheart thing father! I'm not a little girl anymore!"

Looking at his wife, "We need to tell her. It is about time for her to know the truth!"

"Truth? About what?" Selena demanded.

Ariana knew this time would come, but not like this. Not with strangers present. She wanted to tell her daughter everything in private to measure her reaction – to control her reaction.

How does one tell their daughter that she is from a royal family – a royal demon family from another realm. She could hear it now. Selena you are half demon and your powers aren't quite developed yet so be careful or you could rip someone's throat out. That would go over well.

Ariana's attention was drawn to a determined Drakari going after the one they called Ronon. She sighed and stepped from between her husband and daughter and made her way to intercept her father's favored Shadow Guard. She had had enough of this.

"Drakari!" was the only word she uttered, but the way she had said it – with such authority – had everyone looking in her direction – the team, Ronon, Jen, her family and especially Drakari.

Retracting his lethal claws, Drakari immediately knelt down on his right knee with his right arm across his chest, his hand fisted over the area of his heart. He bent his other arm behind his back and he bowed his head - eyes downcast, "Your Highness. My life is yours to command." he said in a booming voice.

She stood off to the side of Drakari. She had not heard those words spoken to her in over 20 years – or at least this world's 20 years. In her realm she had only been gone not even a month. Selena was soon by her side, "Mother? You know him?"

"Aye, I do. He is one of your grandfather's soldiers."

"What grandfather? You told me that my grandparents were dead. I don't understand! Is that the truth you wanted to tell me? That I have grandparents?"

Trudon stood behind his daughter and placed his hands upon her shoulders. Ariana looked at her daughter lovingly then stepped to the side so everyone around could see.

She reached up and pulled the clasp which held up her hair. Long satiny locks fell to her waist. Her hair was a dull black with streaks of grey running through it. She was a beautiful older woman there was no doubt, but as she stood in front of all she transformed.

Her hair became as black as night with hues of crimson running throughout. Her skin which was kissed by years in the sun now became alabaster. Her skin also took on a youthful appearance. She looked to be now the same age as her daughter. But the most amazing transformation was her eyes. Her eyes went from sapphire blue to blood red.

In a commanding voice she declared, "I am Princess Ariana, daughter to King Keston of the Shadow Realm. Descendent from the Royal House of Zylondor.

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