Dangers of Hide-n-Hunt

Teaching Jennifer how to avoid being captured by an enemy was the purpose of the simple training session. But when was anything simple involving Jennifer Keller. When unforeseen forces come into play, it will take all Ronon has to get back what is rightfully his.


14. Chapter 14

Jennifer blinked. What? Ronon about to die? Jennifer had no time to ask the questions that popped into her head right then because Drakari was ushering her through the portal - back to Ronon. She dug her heels in and struggled against his hold. Ronon was a warrior but against a Demon with powers? She had to stop this. She turned her head to plead with him not to harm Ronon, but for the umpteenth time today she was speechless at what she saw. Drakari's eyes were no longer red but a beautiful light blue.

A blinding light radiated out from the planet's side of the portal. Ronon and Selena had to look away to protect their eyes. As the light faded Ronon was the first to see two figures standing in front of the threshold – A blue-eyed stranger and Jennifer. Ronon's eyes narrowed and his brow knitted together. The height was the same; the hair was the same, even the clothes the man wore were the same as what he had seen earlier today. The only difference – his eyes were not crimson colored.

"Ronon!" exclaimed Jennifer as she tried to break free of Drakari's grip. Her worry for his safety was giving her strength and determination to break Drakari's hold on her wrists. Not taking his gaze off of the large Satedan, Drakari jerked Jennifer roughly back against him. To still her struggles he slid his left hand around her neck and squeezed. Her face slowly turned red from lack of oxygen – her mouth opened trying to gasp for air.

"Set free what is mine Satedan or this one dies! She means something to you does she not?" Drakari spoke in a deadly tone, his body still but his cold blue eyes showing the promise of his threat as he put a bit more pressure on Jennifer's throat. Growling, Ronon took a step forward only to be stopped by the stranger squeezing even harder on her throat.

Ronon seethed. "Drakari" Selena's terrified scream was cut short when Ronon's fist wound tighter in her hair. She gasped from the pain. He jerked her head to the side to expose the column of her neck and jugular which was rapidly beating with fear. Still holding his blade, he slowly traced her pulsating blue vein with the tip of his knife – just ever so lightly. Ronon said absolutely nothing but stared at the man squeezing the life out of Jennifer. The unspoken words were understood – she dies they both die! It was a gamble Ronon was taking. But there was no other way. He couldn't shoot the bastard because he held Jennifer in front of him as a shield. He could not shoot him without hitting her. By now Jennifer had her eyes closed and looked ready to pass out.

Drakari seethe with uncontrollable rage. He released his hold on Jennifer's neck. She gasped in precious air. Ronon had thought he had bluffed his way for her release. He was mistaken.

Drakari hissed and flung out his left hand to his side. His fingernails had become long black claws – razor sharp nearly six inches in length. With a malicious grin, he brought his hand just up underneath Jennifer's chin. He then too traced Dr. Keller's vein which pumped her life's blood. A small cry escaped her lips.

Both women stood still waiting for an outcome. Two Alpha males in possession of what the other wanted. This is beginning to feel like a pissing contest, Jennifer thought.

Ronon was about to yield when Colonel Sheppard and the team came through the woods to his right. They were accompanied by the chief elder and his wife.

"Hey big guy!" Sheppard said his P90 at the ready, "You ran off without telling us where the party was! Shame on you!" The team took up positions with their P90s trained on the assailant holding Dr. Keller.
"Now Mr. Whoever you are….why don't you let our good doctor go and….."

John was interrupted when Ariana stepped forward from behind the Marines and in a commanding tone, "Drakari, cease this moment!"

It all happened in slow motion.

Drakari's attention was drawn to his left when he heard his name. He frowned. The commanding voice came from no other than the King's daughter, Princess Ariana, herself. He retracted his claws from Jennifer's throat and his hold on her wrists relaxed.

Jennifer took the opportunity to stomp as hard as she could on Drakari's instep. With her arms free she elbowed him in his side. She dropped to the ground and frantically crawled away from him. The minor yet unexpected pain in his foot and side brought his attention back to the matter at hand. He saw Jennifer hiding behind one of the fallen stones. He was taking a step towards her.

When he saw that Jennifer had gotten loose of her captor, Ronon pushed Selena out of harm's way. Seeing Drakari go for Jennifer again Ronon made a split second decision. With the knife still in his hand he flipped it, caught it by the blade, then threw it with all his anger and might! With a sickening thud, the Satedan blade struck home – right in the middle of the creature's chest.

Drakari hissed and looked down. The knife was embedded nearly to the hilt in his chest. He fell to his knees; both hands upon the bone handle. Ronon drew his gun which was set to kill. He stepped forward, aimed and growled, "Time to die Mother Fucker!

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