Dangers of Hide-n-Hunt

Teaching Jennifer how to avoid being captured by an enemy was the purpose of the simple training session. But when was anything simple involving Jennifer Keller. When unforeseen forces come into play, it will take all Ronon has to get back what is rightfully his.


11. Chapter 11

By the time the sun relinquished it's possession of the sky to the luminous moon, Ronon's temper had reached critical mass! It did not help his mood any that the majority of the townspeople were milling about trying to figure out what was going on. And as they could not figure things out on their own, they gossiped amongst themselves. Ronon tried to tune out most of the speculations such as "There are no wraith on this planet!", "Did they bring them here?!", "Treaty or not they should just leave us alone!". But the one that had his blood boiling was "We heard that the Satedan killed the doctor!"

With all their innuendos, the village idiots were smart enough to stay clear of the angry looking giant pacing back and forth in front of the meeting hall - spinning a deadly weapon as he did so. The villagers were curious about him but valued their lives enough to give him a wide berth.

For the past ten minutes Ronon had been pacing in front of the building twirling his gun - glaring at anyone who looked his way.

His face was a mixture of anger, determination and frustration. He was ready to kill anyone or anything that kept him from her for very much longer! Whoever or whatever had taken Jennifer was going to wish they had never drawn breath. For the millionth time he told himself that he should had never agreed to this damn hide-n-seek game! He swore never again!

He stopped pacing, holstered his weapon and scowled at two men whispering and pointing in his direction. Without taking his eyes off of them, he drew his gun, twirled it, then aimed it straight at them - they quickly dispersed and he picked up where he had left off - pacing and twirling.

He should had known better! If anything happened to Jennifer, Ronon would never forgive himself. He had no doubts that Trudon and his wife, Ariana, were keeping something from the team. If they did not start talking soon, he was going to go inside and beat it out of them!

Growling his frustration, he had decided that their allotted time was up - he could not wait any longer. Ronon holstered the gun and started for the door when suddenly his attention was drawn to a movement several buildings over across the street. He had thought he saw movement in the alleyway - someone was lurking in the shadows.

Pretending as if he had not noticed anything Ronon crossed his arms over his chest and casually leaned against a post that supported the building's overhanging roof. He made it look like he was still waiting for the meeting to be over, when in truth he was waiting for the shadow to reveal itself again. He had nearly decided it had been his mind playing tricks on him when the mysterious hooded figure emerged from a dim alley. Keeping close to the buildings, the silhouette made its way towards the forest then disappeared into the woods.

The hooded figure was small in stature - possibly a woman? The moon peaked out from behind the clouds and he saw a flash of red hair when the figure glanced back to see if anyone was following. Ronon remembered on their first meeting with the townspeople that Trudon's daughter had such red hair. In fact, the team was informed by the proud and boastful father that his Selena was the only one in a hundred mile radius with such colored hair.

Where was the girl going and why was she being so secretive? Was this why the chief elder and his wife had been whispering earlier? Did Selena know something about what happened to Jennifer and her parents wanted to protect her? Ronon had to rein in the urge to catch up to her, grab her and shake the truth from her. Follow her and you find Jennifer his inner voice told him.

Ronon knew that he should inform John and Teyla where he was going, but there was no time. Selena had already disappeared into the woods. Ronon crossed the street, strode past the buildings and entered the forest. He silently followed her, staying far enough back as to not be detected.

His senses were on high alert and then jumped a couple notches when he realized that she was heading for the ruins. He was more than positive that Selena knew something. Why else sneak through the woods after dark to a deserted place where another woman had just been abducted hours earlier? Abducted by a creature with red eyes. Selena did not seem scared of running into this being. She was more concerned about keeping concealed.

And so it seemed that Ronon was playing yet another game of hide-n-seek. A more deadly and costly version this time. He had to be the victor or he would lose everything! He'd be damned if he'd let that happen! Ronon would die first!

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