Dangers of Hide-n-Hunt

Teaching Jennifer how to avoid being captured by an enemy was the purpose of the simple training session. But when was anything simple involving Jennifer Keller. When unforeseen forces come into play, it will take all Ronon has to get back what is rightfully his.


1. Chapter 1

****I own nothing except my imagination; just borrowing R/K for a bit. Please R/R and mainly enjoy!****


The warrior stood in the forest letting his acute senses take note of his surroundings. His pale green eyes surveyed the area.

The sun shown brightly through the boughs of the towering pine trees - which made checkered patterns on the forest floor.

He watched as the trees slightly swayed with the light breeze and he heard the whisper of the wind through the branches. It was as if they - the majestic trees and the wind - were in an imaginary dance of some sort and only they heard the music.

Birds fluttered from branch to branch; chattering and scolding each other. Other forest creatures scampered around ignoring him and the screeching birds all together.

He turned his focus towards the trail that he had been following for the past hour. He crouched down with his weight balanced on his booted feet while his bare forearms rested on his upper thighs - his leather pants hugging muscular legs.

He intently studied the path. With his right hand, he unsheathed one of his larger blades from behind his back - unlike his other knives he normally carried - the steel Satedan blade was nearly a foot long and 3" at the base of the hilt. The weapon tapered off to a very sharp and lethal point. With a flick of his wrist, he removed a couple of stray leaves with the honed edge to get a better view of the tracks.

Ronon traced a faint image of a boot print - a rather small boot print - with the tip of the knife. A petite woman with blond hair and the bluest eyes he knew had come this way.

The harshness of his face softened at the thought of her. He smiled. She was getting better, but he knew he was closing in.

The predator and the prey he thought - with his smile growing and his eyes twinkling with anticipation - there was no doubt he knew which one would win this hunt.

After determining which direction she had taken, the tall Satedan stood to his full height.

Thinking back on the past month or so, when they were off-world and their missions were complete, Jen and Ronon - with Sheppard's approval - would practice tracking and hiding. Jennifer compared it to a form of grown up hide-n-seek, she told him.

He made sure that there were certain conditions for this "game" to proceed however.

One - the planet had to have a history of non-wraith attacks.

Two - the villagers were to be hospitable and have little or no weapons whatsoever.

Finally the surrounding area was to be fairly safe. No wild man-eating beasts, no soul sucking crystal rocks, no abandoned mines to fall through and so forth - which the latter was Jennifer's contribution to the rules of the game. M64-PL3 was the perfect play ground for all concerned - it was a planet much like earth.

Ronon was a little apprehensive at first when Jennifer came to him with this idea. She told him that she wanted to know how to avoid capture and hide from an enemy. When the words were out of her mouth his warrior instincts rose within him. He wanted to know who might be after her in the first place.

As an Alpha male it was his responsibility - his want - to protect her. To keep her from all harm even if that meant giving his own life for hers if the need arose - no hesitation.

She was his and no one took what was his - ever! Even now, just thinking back on their conversation, his hands were clinched in fists by his sides. She had assured him that there was no one out to get her. But with her run of unfortunate luck - and with her call sign now Jinx - she just wanted some peace of mind that she could - at least for a little while - take care of herself until help arrived.

Jennifer loved and knew without a doubt Ronon would come for her no matter what if she were in trouble. It was just that she wanted - to some degree - to be able to take care of herself. Deep down in some secret place inside her she wanted to be able to kick some alien ass in the process!

And so the day began with Jennifer 'hiding' and Ronon trying - without much difficulty - to 'find' her.

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