You could hear the sound of high heels clicking across the wooden floor.
"Taylor? Honey? Are you home? Where are you?", my mother said as she opened the door that lead to the basement. The wooden steps creaked as she slowly entered the room.
"Taylor?" she said in a worried tone, "Honey?"
I replied slowly in a rasp voice, "Yes mother?" I didn't want her to see what I had done to that man. I was drenched in my fathers blood for he was the one who walked in on me and my friends. This is the story of my life as a killer and an "Obsessive girlfriend" or in the cops terms psychopathic kidnapper.


1. The beginning/ Fill in's

     I was an average girl the went to an average school with an average life. That was until I met Tyler Greystone, He was tall, blond, blue eyes, and gorgeous! So here's a little truth Tyler isn't a kid that I go to school with or someone I know personally. He is the lead singer in a band called stinger. He's also my brothers friend, considering they are in the band together. He's the one I wanted in the beginning and I had known from the moment I saw him he was supposed to be mine and I knew exactly how I was going to get him. It had all started one afternoon when I was with my best friend Michelle. We had it all planned out.

"If we are going to do this than we might as well enjoy ourselves while we are at.", I said

She nodded, "Front row tickets with backstage passes. I need to see Tyler and Hugh." Michelle was absolutely in love with Hugh Farman. He was the bass guitarist in the band and was pretty good-looking at that. I'd admit she had good taste in guys.

"Okay do you want me to sneak the gun in or should I? Since I know the place the best."

"I'll do it.", she said, "but I'm going to need your help on this you know how I get when I'm nervous."

"Okay. That should be easy. Just think to your self the entire time that we can do this. It'll be worth it in the end, cream you'll finally be able to meet him on a personal level."

she said," I know peaches, I know."

      We had it all planned out to the very last detail. We had pre-ordered the tickets, got duck-tape, everything we needed we had. That was the last time I had talked to my Cream. We were always known as peaches and cream I don't know why but she had called me peaches one day and it stuck so I called her cream. One day her step father had flipped out on her because she wanted to leave the house and come to mine. He freaked and ended up getting so mad that he snapped her neck. She had been left with her step dad because her mother left with my father, so I live with my mother . Who is never home because she is a workaholic. She is a big time lawyer, her name is Susan Tuner, her face is on almost every bench and bus in Blackburn city. Since Michelle had died I decided to take up the mission on my own. I had officially snapped and I knew there wasn't anyway I would be going back to sanity. I had become the psychopathic killer that I am today.

Hey guys,

So this is the beginning of my new story called peaches. I'm sorry its so short but I'm still working on it with my other co-writers Caitlyn and Cassie. So like, comment, favorite and let me know what you guys think. Plus I'm sorry about all the grammar mistakes.

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