Hally has to transfer to a new school in Sydney Australia. But what happens when she falls for one of the boys......


2. T W O

Hally's P.O.V

I woke up and realized that it was the first day of school since I moved. I went to my closet and put on a white crop top, a black skater skirt, some black vans, and a white beanie.

Since I didn't have any acne, I just put on some eyeliner, mascara, and red lipstick. And then after that I just straightened my hair out.

I went downstairs and got a breakfast bar grabbed my car keys, phone, and bag and went to school.

When I got there it was SOO crowded so I had to push my way through the people and made my way to the office to get my class schedule and my locker combination.

I put all my stuff away in my locker and walked to my English class. When I was done with English I put away my text book and went to Science.

On my way there I got stopped by a hand covering my eyes. Before I could scream rape, my mouth got covered also. He dragged into a room and put his hands off me. "What the h-" he cut me off by putting a smelly rag over my mouth and took of my top and started playing with my breasts.

I didn't know what to do right at that moment. Then the guy slowly put his hand in my skirt and started fingering me. I wanted to moan sooo badly but I didn't want him to know that I liked it.

He then unbuckled his belt to reavealing is "thing". He stuck it right in me, and may I say it was painful !

*6 minutes later of extreme pounding*

The guy finally buckled his belt and put my clothes on. He then took the horrible disgusting smelly rag off my safe and may I say I was surprised to who it was........

It was the guy from the pizza place. My blood was boiling so I slapped him across his face and yelled "WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM, I DIDNT COME TO THIS SCHOOL TO GET RAPED BY A PHSYCO". He stold there in shock. " Look I didn't want to do this but my friends dared me to do this".

I felt like chopping off his dick and chocking him with it, then make him swallow it, then make him cough it back out abd them whip him with it !

I punched him in the nose and stormed out of the school. I drove home and went inside the house. Thank god my parents where at work. I cried myself to sleep thinking about how violated I was.

I fell asleep thinking about all the horrible stuff the guy would do to me tomorrow. And get this........ I don't even know his name.


Hey guys it's the author! Hope you guys love this chapter I definitely made it alot more interesting! Byeeee

- maybabykay

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