Hally has to transfer to a new school in Sydney Australia. But what happens when she falls for one of the boys......


1. O N E

Hally's P.O.V


My parents got a job in Sydney Australia. So that mean that we have to move there. I grab my suitcase and run down stairs to the cab that was gonna take my parents and I to the airport.

*skips ride to Australia*

I felt a rough tap on my shoulder, my dad was trying to wake me up. Hally? Hally wake up. Hally we are here in Australia ! Huh, what ? My vision was super blurry that I couldn't even see my hand. I finally snap out of it and get off the plane. My mom gets a taxi and we ride to the new house.

*skips ride*

We finally arrive to the house 3 hours later. I got out of the taxi and took a good long stare and said to myself. "this is my new house" 

It was a beautiful 5 bedroom 4 bathroom house ! I rushed inside to see my room and I was astonished ! I walked around my room staring at all the pretty furniture and the beautiful chandelier over my canopy bed ! My parents came into my room and gave me a big hug. I'm glad you like it sweety ! my mom said cheerfully. Are you kidding? I LOVE it !!!

After about a few hours of unpacking we decided to get some pizza from the pizza place across the street from my house. When we got there it was packed luckily we got a 4 seat booth near the window ! As were eating I can't help but notice a very cute guy sitting across from my table. He had blonde hair, dreamy blue eyes, and a black lip ring. I couldn't help but stare at him and he stared at me back. He winked at me and went back to eating his pizza with 3 other guys. When we left the pizza place all I could think about was that guy.

When we got home I took a shower and got into bed. Dreaming about the guy......


Hai ! It's the author I hope you like this story and I'm really sorry If it was boring but the next chapter will be much better because it's Hally's first day of school so yea !

Byee - maybabkay

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