Perfect Stranger

Kylie Jenner flees to London to get a break from her life in the spotlight but here she meets old friends and somehow it ends up being even crazier than the life she left in Los Angeles…

All rights belong to me, the author.

And I hope you enjoy it!


44. Epilogue - „I stop the world, world stop… Carry on”

Epilogue - „I stop the world, world stop… Carry on”

Two years later - On the red carpet

This was the first time ever I was going to walk the red carpet alone and I didn’t think it would be possible to feel more ready for it. As I stepped out of the Range Rover all eyes were on me and for the first time in a long time I was enjoying the attention because I felt like I had actually done something to deserve it. „Kylie!” „Kylie over here!” „Kylie give us a smile!” „Kylie, who are you wearing?” This question made me stop and took a step closer to the paparazzi who had yelled the question at me while snapping pictures of me.  „I’m wearing Kylie Jenner Designs, the dress is from my new collection,” I replied and posed in front of him. „You look lovely,” he stated and i smiled in the direction of his camera and thanked him.

As more paparazzi noticed I had stopped for pictures a new kind of questions rained over me. „Kylie, did you drive here with Kendall and her boyfriend? „ „Did you get ready for tonight with the rest of your sisters?” „Kylie, did you already say hi to Kris and Caitlyn?”  I simply smiled at them but when they changed the topic I immediately picked up my speed. „Kylie, how do you feel about One Direction being up for seven awards?” „Kylie, what are you going to say to Harry Styles tonight?” „Kylie, what did you think about Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards’s wedding?”


Later that night - At the after party

„I’ve missed you so much babe,” Harry stated and kissed me cheek. „ Harry you’ve spend the entire week at my place,” I laughed and smacked his arm. „Yeah but I wasn’t allowed to talk to you during the award show so basically I had time to miss you there,” he said smiling so hard his dimples were showing. „You’re so cheesy! And congratulations on all of the awards, I’m glad I won’t be competing with you no one else ever stands a chance,” I laughed so happy for him. „Haha very funny darling, thank you though. On a more serious note though I promised the boys to thank you for letting us crash this week at your house”. „I think it was about damn time you came and saw it I mean I’ve lived there for more than a year now,” I teased him and put my arm around my best friend. „I know I know. Today was amazing I just really can’t wait for tomorrow though,” he said as we both observed our friends on the dance floor. „Me neither. I already set the table, fixed the decorations, and double checked everything with the catering team,” I explained and checked my phone just to make sure no one had texted me regarding tomorrow.

„Of course you have. You know, I’m so proud you right love? I love you so much and I cannot explain how happy I am for you. You have been working so incredible hard for this collection to be perfect and now tomorrow it’ll be out all over the world, and I cannot wait to celebrate this tomorrow with all of your friends and family - it will be a day for the history books,” he said and I felt the tears that threatened to spill - but it was okay because it was tears of happiness.

 „Thank you,” I simply replied truly grateful before I grabbed my best friend’s hand and dragged him out on the dancefloor, where we spent the whole night laughing surrounded by the best of our friends.

The End


Author’s note

I cannot believe that this story is over! I really truly hope that you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have loved writing it and if that is the case please check out some of my other stories! I know it might not be the typical ending but this is what I felt was the ending my story needed - love stories are not always a fairytale but it doesn’t take a boy for you to be happy and confident just believe in yourself! You are enough!

Thank you again for taking time to read my story and I hope you have the best day.

And thank you again if you have taken time to vote or comment on the story.

Lots of love from me.

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