Perfect Stranger

Kylie Jenner flees to London to get a break from her life in the spotlight but here she meets old friends and somehow it ends up being even crazier than the life she left in Los Angeles…

All rights belong to me, the author.

And I hope you enjoy it!


10. Chapter 9 - „One more night for us to burn brighter”

Chapter 9 - One more night for us to burn brighter”

„This place is fucking amazing,” I stated as I took in the grungy underground club. The voice of Kendrick Lamar rapping one of his greatest hits of all time m.A.A.d City was pumping through the speakers and I could even physically feel the bass being played. „Oh my god this is sick,” Shamari explained and dragged us to the small bar surrounded by a ton of beautiful people. When the bartender finally got to us he ordered drinks for us and as we quickly emptied our glasses we were pulled onto the sweaty crowded dance floor.


„It seems so low key but then when you actually get inside it’s a fucking hidden treasure,” Hailey struggled to describe her thoughts as she drowned yet another vodka shot while Shamari snapped photos of us and our surrounding. „I have to go to the toilet, I’ll be right back,” I simply replied as the buzz in my head made it hard for me to gather my thoughts as well. My friends simply nodded before taken a seat at one of the tables with a perfect view to the dancefloor. 

As I dried my hands with a towel in the bathroom I observed myself in the mirror. Why is it, that’s always when you go to the bathroom alone at a party you realize how drunk you actually are? My thoughts were interrupted by a completely wasted girl who wouldn’t stop rambling about how perfect my hair looked. I thanked her multiple times and stumbled out of the bathroom so clumsy I almost twisted my ankle do to my incredible long black boots, which was the only thing I was wearing except a huge amount of silver jewelry and an oversized dark blue cowboy shirt. 

I steady myself by grabbing onto someone’s shoulder and after taking a couple of steps the stranger turned around. „Please no pictures tonight,” the thick accent was impossible to hide even though he clearly made an effort to try. He was obviously not from England - and his accent wasn’t the thing that would tell on him, his sweet and caring eyes would. „Well, well, well. Isn’t this Mister Horan himself?” I asked giggling as I told him it disappointed me that he didn’t want to be photographed with me. 

„Kylie? Oh my god, I didn’t think they would actually get you to come tonight!” He almost yelled with excitement. „What are you talking about?” I asked confused and felt like the dizziness in my head was slowly disappearing. „You know. Harry told me Hailey picked up your phone when he tried calling you today to invite you. He wasn’t sure you would show up since you’re basically here to hide from the media,” Niall continued only to be interrupted by a drunken hiccup or two. „He told you why I was here?” I asked confused since I was quite sure I asked Harry to not tell anyone. He wouldn’t have, would he? „No, just that you needed to get away for a bit - he’s outside if you want to talk to him. I just need a wee and then I’ll meet you out there,” Niall explained before quickly kissing my cheek and walking towards the toilet. 


I frantically searched the crowd of smokers outside for a certain curly haired lad - it didn’t surprise me when I didn’t find him amongst them, I knew how much the smoke bothered him but of course he never mentioned this to his band members since some of them liked to enjoy a fag or two once in a while. Why had no one told me they were going to be here? And were they all here? „Hey babe, did you hear that One Direction is here tonight - I happened to know them so if you do me a little favor I’d make sure to put a good word in,” I felt the chills run down my spine as a cold breath hit my exposed neck. I slowly turned around to get a look on the guy trying to persuade me to something probably highly inappropriately outside a club.

„I’m quite sure that won’t be necessary, thank you though.” It even took me by surprise exactly how ice cold my voice sounded as I replied to the greasy guy outside The Alibi. „Holy fucking christ, you Kylie Jenner!” He then squealed astonished which caused all the people outdoor to turn around and suddenly all focus were, once again, on me. And right now I didn’t quite enjoy being the center of attention. I just wanted to find a familiar face in the crowd. People surrounded me screaming for pictures and drunkenly offering me their services, which were definitely not wished for. I felt clouded head immediately forget about my intoxication and my heartbeat starting to quicken its pace.

I hadn’t brought a bodyguard. Why hadn’t I brought my bodyguard? My levelheaded arguments for privacy and discreetness now seemed foolish and I started panicking. How was I supposed to get back to my friends? I just wanted to get out of here. As one of the girls at some point started to pull my hair I stepped back and started yelling. „Please just leave me alone,. I’m sorry, but no pictures tonight. I just really want to get back inside. Please”. My pleads were drowned in the crowd and I almost gave up hope until I recognized one of the voices. 

„Kylie, Kylie? Move god dammit, I need to talk to Kylie,” and just like that Niall Horan had pushed himself through the eager people cornering me. „Oh my god, it’s Niall Horan - and he’s with Kylie Jenner!” Some girl to my right screamed but I didn’t register anything else besides Niall’s next words. „It’s Harry, something happened and he needs you. The ambulance is on its way”.

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