Perfect Stranger

Kylie Jenner flees to London to get a break from her life in the spotlight but here she meets old friends and somehow it ends up being even crazier than the life she left in Los Angeles…

All rights belong to me, the author.

And I hope you enjoy it!


43. Chapter 42 - „But we were in screaming color”

Chapter 42 - „But we were in screaming color”

Later that night I was curled up against Harry’s chest on the couch. Pitch Perfect was showing on the television and we were binge eating Ben&Jerry’s Ice Cream, well mostly me actually. My phone had been buzzing the entire evening and even though Harry had practically demanded me to respond to them probably and had just copy pasted two vital words: Fake positive.

I couldn’t even describe how relieved I was when the doctor reentered the room and explained to me that errors like that happened sometimes. Sadly the media had caught unto what had happened though and I still hadn’t decided how to handle that. I didn’t know if I should just fess up - tell them I had thought that I was pregnant but it wasn’t Harry’s, or if I should just ignore them completely. I knew one thing for sure though. Lying wouldn’t help anything so that wasn’t an option.  

I was just about to thank Harry once again for really being there for me today when the door to our apartment flew open. „Are you pregnant?” Zayn asked before he even sat foot in the living room. „I’ll just give the two of you a minute,” Harry stated and walked out of the room. „Well, is it true? Are you?” He asked and I warily shook my head. „Thank God,” was all he said as he sat down next to me. „I took a test and it was positive, but then we went to the hospital and the doctor told me it was a fake positive,” I explained quietly. „Did you know this morning?” Zayn looked at me uneasily and sighed as I nodded.

„I am so sorry,” he said for what had to be the hundredth time. „It’s alright,” I stated actually meaning it. „It just wasn’t meant to be you know,” I shrugged. „Are you really forgiving me?” He asked probably confused from my sudden change of heart. „We deserve to be happy you know. We deserve a family and to be with the one that we love, we all deserve it to be real,” I stated as if this would explain everything and oddly enough I think he actually understood.

„I’m quitting One Direction,” Zayn then confessed all of the sudden. „What? Why?” I asked confused. „For that exact reason. I need it to be me, all me. Besides I love her,” he quickly looked at me but continued since I didn’t give him a sign to stop: „And we’ve been through a lot together so I just want to show her that she is my first priority, and if I’m recording and writing by myself I can plan and decide everything - I can finally show my fans the real me, you get that?” „Yeah, yeah I do,” I simply stated as I felt the calmness come over me and suddenly I weren’t so scared of everything anymore. Suddenly I felt ready for whatever the world had in store for me.

„Just promise me one thing yeah?” Zayn asked me. „What?” „Make sure the next guy treats you better than I did”. I had no idea what to reply to that so I just sent him a small smile.                                                                                                                     

I knew there was only one thing to do now so as Zayn went in to get Harry and they sat down on each side of me on the couch, both very focused on the movie, I sent my big sister a quick text.

You better be back in Calabasas my boo, cause I’m coming home Kenny xx

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