Perfect Stranger

Kylie Jenner flees to London to get a break from her life in the spotlight but here she meets old friends and somehow it ends up being even crazier than the life she left in Los Angeles…

All rights belong to me, the author.

And I hope you enjoy it!


42. Chapter 41 - „Alone without you by my side”

Chapter 41 - „Alone without you by my side”

As the door opened my grip on Harry’s hand tightened. „Hello, I’m Doctor Thompson,” an elderly gentleman shook my hand and gave me a comforting smile. „Kylie Kirsten Jenner,” I introduced myself - a thing that I wasn’t as used to anymore. „Miss Jenner a pleasure,” he nodded. „And you must be the boyfriend,” he concluded before offering his hand to Harry. „No, just friend - Harry Styles Sir”. „My bad Mister Styles. Well, my nurse informed me that you took a pregnacy test at home today where the result was positive, is that correct?” The gray-haired man once again turned his attention back to me, as I nodded. „Okay, and then you called in to get a blood test just to see if the test was accurate,” this time Harry replied with a simply yes, still holding my hand tightly. „Well, then let’s do this”.

The Doctor got me to remove my long-sleeved shirt and clean the area where he was going to draw my blood from. I looked away and only felt I slight jab as he touch me with the needed and explained what would happen now. „I understand that this is a priority case so I’m going to take this test straight to the lab and then in a couple of hours I’ll have the result. You are more than welcome to stay here and wait or you can come back for the result later”. He then removed the needle and but a patch on my arm.

„I think we should just wait here,” Harry suggested and looked at me. „But Harry I really,” „Just trust me on this Kylie,” even though I didn’t feel like waiting for hours in this room that would make it impossible for me to think about anything else I agreed with Harry, since I knew he would have a good reason to disagree with me in the current state I was in. „Alright, well I’ll send a nurse in with some tea and you are more than welcome to turn on the TV. I’ll go take a look on your test and then I’ll come back here to share the result with you,” the doctor sent us both a smile before heading out.


After staring at the TV without even registering anything showed on it I turned around to face Harry. „Why did you insist on us staying here?” I asked curiously. „I think we should wait till later to talk about that,” Harry avoided my gaze. „Harry please, otherwise I’ll keep wondering and the stress isn’t good for the baby,” I explained and put my hands on my stomach wondering if there were actually a little baby boy or girl growing in there. „Fine, but just don’t stress about it love, that will be bad for the baby as well,” Harry stated before handing me his IPhone and showing me just one out of many articles.

Mystery solved: Kylie Jenner and Harry Styles has practically confirmed that they are dating with the pictures from today. What has long been a mystery (We have all been wondering if it was Zayn Malik or Harry Styles that the young girl from the Jenner/Kardashian clan was dating) is now out it the open and apparently two might turn into three what we guess is sooner than expected for the two busy stars, since Harry today was seen (picture below) buying a pregnancy test and later he and his rumored girlfriend Kylie has been spotted at the hospital (picture below)

How will their families and Kylie’s recent ex-boyfriend Tyga who was also a young father react to this? How will this affect Harry Styles’ career with the band One Direction? Could this even planned since Kylie had already moved into Harry’s apartment, that he shares with friend and bandmate Zayn Malik, in London?And lastly how does Kendall Jenner, Kylies older sister and Harry Styles’ ex-girlfriend think about this?

Stay tuned for more information about this possible pregnancy…

It was only luck that I was quick enough to react and I reached for the bucket just in time…

How cruel could the world be?

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