Perfect Stranger

Kylie Jenner flees to London to get a break from her life in the spotlight but here she meets old friends and somehow it ends up being even crazier than the life she left in Los Angeles…

All rights belong to me, the author.

And I hope you enjoy it!


34. Chapter 33 - ,,I don't wanna be your girl no more"

Chapter 33 - „I don’t wanna be your girl no more”

I was sitting on the kitchen floor in my Adidas sweatpants and still wearing Louis sweatshirt while Louis and Liam wear eating the take away while keeping an eye on me. „So, what have you been doing today Kylie?” Liam asked trying to get a conversation going. „I really don’t think you’d want me to answer that question,” I replied and looked at him indifferent to make my point. „Oh”. I had been sitting on the floor for almost an hour. Liam and Louis had agreed on waiting with dinner until Zayn and Harry were finished talking. We had left then in the living room the moment Liam and Louis had been able to pull Harry of Zayn, who for some reason still hadn’t fought back.

„Kylie, you really don’t have to worry. It’s just this thing we do in the band, they’ll be fine. Both of them,” Louis tried to calm me down. „Something you do? What are you talking about?” I asked utterly confused. „We know how much holding grudges can ruin - and we didn’t want anything to break up this band so when we had had our first proper fight we all made a deal. No one is allowed to hold a grudge - and Harry isn’t always that comfortable with confronting people so sometimes we have had to provoke him a bit just make him blow off some steam,” Louis explained as if this was the most logical thing ever.

„What? So you’re saying that you guys fight each other to be able to make up?” I asked not believing a word he said. „Well, not ordinarily. We usually just have a heated discussion but Zayn could probably see that Harry wouldn’t let it go that easily so he had to push a few buttons”. „Are you defending him right now?” I asked feeling the anger rising. „No, no Kylie of course not”. „Are you defending the way he talked about me, the way he talked about what we’ve…” „Kylie, love I’m so sorry”. Zayn was standing in the door and right next to him was Harry. They both looked a bit beaten up but now it seemed like everything was okay. „Don’t even think about talking to me right know,” I finally replied to Zayn’s apology after observing their injuries.

„Kylie, I’m so sorry. It was just the only way I could think of… Just give me two minutes. Just let me explain everything,” he kept trying to persuade me. „What? Explain that you said those vile things about us to make have beaten you up and then everything would be alright?” Zayn just stood there not knowing what to do since that had probably been exactly what he was going to say. „Well then fuck you, don’t even bother Zayn. You had no right to tell him or them for that matter any of those things - and one thing is to tell them but to use our involvements - our private moments like that - that’s just plain cruel and I really don’t want to look at you right now,” I felt the tears run down my cheeks but I didn’t even react.

I don’t know why the things he said hit me this hard but I was just so mentally drained and I had had a tough time with trust issues so I just didn’t have the energy anymore. I couldn’t even explain to him the reason that he hurt me so badly. I couldn’t tell him how I was scared that I had fallen in love with him because I was that terrified of getting it thrown right back in my face.

Harry slowly stepped forward as to see how I would react if it was him approaching me. „It’s alright Kylie, everything is okay,” he quietly whispered as he finally reached me and pulled me into an embrace. „Would it be okay if we went to my room for a couple of minutes? We don’t have to talk or anything just to get away for a bit?” He asked for my permission which I gave him.

„I am so furious with you right now,” was the first thing Harry said as we sat down on his bed. „But we will deal with later”.

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